Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow, I almost hate to use that word at all anymore. However I am changing my work group at NML from being a software architect in Investment Products to being a "free range" architect in the Agency Business Systems/TNC (The Network Connection) area.

I didn't so much choose this group at this time as I am being redeployed to a group that has projects to work on. This is a good thing as there are not a lot of development projects in my current group to work on. Whereas at one time I interviewed to be in one sub-group of the 4 sub-groups represented within this organization, I wasn't necessarily looking to go there now. They just grabbed me because they remember me from those interviews. At the time they were debating between Siebel expert or Java Architect...they went Siebel Architect. Now look who wants the Java architect after all.

I like that I will be floating across all 4 groups designing software for a wide variety of applications. I think this makes a little more sense anyways. Software architecture should be kept at a domain level anyways.

I have to move to the Van Buren building. I don't know where I'll be yet but I doubt it will be as cushy and nice as my corner window location I have now. Plus I have the airconditioning vents blowing on me all summer. ..it is so awesome and if we ever have a very cool federal trial, I have a perfect vantage point for watching it in the federal courthouse across the street. Oh well. I'd rather be busy and engaged than bored and properly chilled.

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