Monday, March 16, 2009


Alright…now I’m pissed. I apologize to my readers under 5 right now. I might suggest some Elmo time right about now. As I was going out to my car this morning out in the garage, I discovered that a very friendly sight was missing…my little red toolbox. Upon further inspection the lid of the sunroof on Zach’s RX7 was lying on the windshield of his car and the two doors were open and the hatch was open. This car had been locked up tight. It would seem to follow that his remaining sub woofer (the other which got stolen in the robbery of the house in December) His 2000 watt amp and some smaller speakers all got taken out of the car.

My tools were no great set of tools. Mostly sets of old ratchets and cheap wrenches. And a hodge podge collection of sockets. They left my favorite tool set, which was the hex/star wrench set, the ball joint separator, and the tin snips (I believe that tin snips was my father’s) They also left a hammer (my grandpa’s). They also took my cordless drill and power drill and a box of power saws. Granted I have never used those saws and still use my Dad’s old Craftsmen saw over the somewhat new black and decker one that is now departed. It’s ironic that they saw my dad’s saw and left it.

I am happy of course they overlooked the bikes, ski’s and snowboard and other equipment. They poked all the audio boxes on the shelves to find they were empty. Ohhh I better check to see if they got the car stereo that was sitting on the shelf destined for the BMW (of course it never seems worthwhile to put it in, as the BMW should die any day. 5 days after that stereo was placed in the Diamante it died)

I also have a broken door jamb/frame to fix. So this weekend is house security weekend. We are getting whatever I need to secure the garage door/frame with a deadbolt and such. I’m getting sensor lights for the alley side as well as replacing the ones in the back yard. I will make sure that our yard lights up like the second coming if a rabbit so much as farts. I think the light on the side of the house can get a wattage upgrade . There are a few other things as well we will do but I don’t want to give away the secrets to avoiding the shotgun blasts, saw blades, and blow darts security system.

As privileged as I feel to be the honored recipients of 3 break-ins in 3 months I am beginning to feel like these might be desperate times if thieves have to resort to stealing my stuff. For the most part robbing me is like robbing Goodwill. We don’t keep anything that nice around. It’s like yeah you stole it…but who wants it. If they want to steal something…take my credit report. On the upside there will be less seismic activity in the area with Zach's stereo incapacitated.

So I think from now on I will refer to my family postings as the “Ghetto Report: The Musings of a Conservative Living Amongst the Ethnically Mixed Working Class Population of the South Side of Milwaukee” Perhaps I should sign up for that Serbian “protection service” those nice young men were offering. hmmm...


CLJ711 said...

... maybe move?... so this happened when you were home?? that's even scarier.

gosh I didn't know about the 2nd one - when was that?

It's the squirrels. It has to be the squirrels.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Karen and myself had that exact first reaction. "I want to move!" Then I thought about that 12% loss on the equity not to mention the repairs I'd have to have finished before we could sell it and thought better of it.

Yes it seems it was middle of the night. The 2nd one was just the dude who raided my BMW's glovebox and ashtray and escaped with a couple hundred pennies worth....right in front of my house while Zach and I were napping/watching TV.

I have been entertaining the idea that indeed the squirrels and rabbits together are behind this. A concerted effort to drive us from our home because we are driving them from theirs.

CLJ711 said...

The real question is, what's the point of having all those watch cats if they are sleeping on the job?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Well they do provide tutoring assistance while studying. hurk...shredded furniture...hmmmm They don't provide a lot of useful services after all. Maybe they are government cats.