Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Referred Ichabod Readers

When I insert pictures of cats....
they are my own cats.
I took this last night and we can say this represents
Ichabod cramming Lutheranism into a small box.

I saw a plug on Ichabod for my blog and I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Ichabod readers to my humble blog. If this is your first time here, you might begin to wonder why I was referenced at all. Well on occasion I have posted personal commentary on contemporary Lutheran subjects here. They are buried in an amongst the other general posting which are mainly for the benefit of my extended family and friends. Much moreso, I add many longwinded thoughts on other blogs about the topics that Ichabod cares about. I'm sure you'd find that more interesting overall. I never directly link people there because I would not want to be responsible for sending a family member there.

I have also posted my own thoughts on the ....oh what’s a good word for lunacy...."interesting" spin put on things in Ichabod maybe only two times. Every so often it seems like a good idea. Quite honestly, if Greg stuck with political and economic posts, I would find it so much more appealing and credible.

However, his posts on many things he opposes in WELS Lutherandom are just so unsubstantiated, unresearched, taken out of context, and certainly not considered in the best possible light. I think in general If I would use one phrase to describe his blog I would say "non sequitur." This stands in stark contrast to his many degrees he has obtained because the information he presents lacks all the research, scholarship, and critical thinking you'd expect of someone with that kind of education. If he applied that kind of scholarship to the information he spews out there at least it might lend to a nice debate or study opportunity. I'm always up for that. He is no Freddy Finkelstein, that's for sure.

In the spirit of Ichabod though I did come up with my own nickname for Ichabod. I call it Area 51. I have referred to Greg as Joe McCarthy. I used these nicknames because, due to the yellow journalism aspect of the blog, any followers who can give any factual credence to the information presented would automatically be susceptible to believing in UFO's, the shooter in the grassy knoll, and Area 51. I use Joe McCarthy because Greg clearly got a few things stuck in his craw in the early 90's because 15 years later they still come up over and over again. He has been on a witch hunt ever since to the point where his personal vendetta clouds any sense of rationalism. Maybe Don Quixote would be a good one to use although I'm sure Greg would rather be "the voice of one calling in the desert.."

Now, I don't want to leave this on a negative note. I like Greg. I respect that he gives his unadulterated opinions. That is what the blogosphere is about. I like his sarcasm. I know so many get their undies in a bundle about such things but I always respect a healthy sense of sarcasm. That might be because I am similarly sarcastic. I get a little dismayed when people who disagree with him (who will be summarily attacked back no doubt) go crying about the 8th commandment even when they are "on my side." I guess I don't like seeing any side of a debate being such a bunch of pussies. I admit his "ohh not the 8th commandment again.." graphic makes me smile every time. I like his politics. For the few items he adds about politics and economics I actually appreciate. You need people out there like Greg if only to sharpen your own mind, your own positions, and at times do the research to validate what you believe and Greg will certainly help you do that.

So welcome Ichabod readers!! I'm guessing I'll be more glad to have you than you will to be here. Oh and here I won’t care about your spelling. You can save the spell check for your Thesis or perhaps an upcoming syndicated columnist deal.


Paul McCain said...

The kindest thing you can do for Mr. Jackson is ignore him, entirely. The poor, troubled man thrives on attention. He has managed to alienate every last Lutheran church in the USA, and most every Lutheran with whom he has ever had any contact. He is reduced to holding church in a room in his house and broadcasting them over an Internet video streaming service. It is truly the definition of the word pathetic.

Pray for him. Pity him, but just ignore him.

Brett Meyer said...

I and my family are thankful for Pastor Jackson's faithful, Confessional and orthodox Lutheran services that he broadcasts over the internet. He is faithful to Christ and cares deeply for the lost and erring. This is documented in his books: Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant; Thy Strong Word; Jesus Priceless Treasure; Angel Joy and others.

In Christ,
Brett Meyer

CLJ711 said...

Well, I guess I better up the quality of my artwork (on my blog), as it appears your blog has upped the advertising... I just read this post of yours that I somehow missed from Monday and then Ichobod's critique of your blog links... for one, my blog is pretty shallow as I intend it to be, it's supposed to be an art blog... not theology or even intended to spark arguments... but should I not speak of or share my faith when it is my life and inspires my art? Our families have been friends for several years now, and I like the idea of blogs that link together to get exposure, but I am not sure this is the kind of exposure I / we need....

maybe I might ask that you remove my link and Terry's as well...

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Well I doubt you were an intended target..I also have a coffee blog and a pundit blog linked. But I removed them. I know where you live. :-)

Anonymous said...

I, too, am an avid fan of Ichabod. I appreciate Pastor Jackson's sermons, books, and insight. Holding services on the Internet is a great idea as it reaches many people who may not be able to get to church.

-twissted sisster

Tim Niedfeldt said...

ironic twist. Ichabod Lutheran church employing church growth methods to help the holy gost in spreading the Gospel....and without the the sacrament to boot.

Anonymous said...

Icky will only post like "twisted-minded" posts from the likes of Brett Meyer and Worms. I sometimes wonder if the anonymous posts on icky are written by pastorless Jackson himself. Using Jackson and faithful to Christ in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

CLJ711 said...

Hey, Tim, I was thinking. There's a story here, a rewrite and blend of two classics, called "A Christmas Carol in Sleepy Hallow".

"Spare the rod and spoil the child", said Ichabod Crane as he tried to whip the students into shape. In his heart, though, his only motive his own gratification and self satisfaction. The story then goes on about spirits and visions but in the end, Tiny Tim is the nice guy, sees the good in the old man even to the point of being the only one attending his funeral when he dies.

"God bless us every one!" said Tiny Tim, the last of all.

PS you didn't HAVE to remove our links... I said MAYBE.. but thanks for doing so. Terry doesn't want to blog anymore and I am just going to sit and be a readership of one on mine: me when I reread what I wrote.