Monday, March 23, 2009


In the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today there was an article on the recreational game of Dartball. It talked about its origins and its somewhat aging and dying continuance in various church leagues. This is something that although I don't think my family ever participated in I know my churhes in my youth had a dartball team. However, this article had some quotes from some aged individuals that just cracked me up. Maybe its not that amusing for you but I found these quotes awesome. Here is the end of the article containing the awesome quotes.

"Unlike many of the players who have been tossing darts since they were in high school, George Brill took up dartball 10 years after retiring from a welding career. That was two decades ago. Now a spry 91, Brill said he enjoyed the camaraderie of dartball, though he lamented his lackluster play.

"I think I've got the lowest average in the league," Brill said. "That's because I can't feel some of my fingers."

Denis Larsen has played dartball for 44 years, and he said the key to playing well was keeping his throwing arm in shape. He didn't say how he does that.
Why has he played so long? "It's a night out of the house," said Larsen, 62, a retired church custodian.

Just then, a shout erupted from the Brown Deer United Methodist Church team. James Sheldon, 81, nailed a home run on his first throw. His excited teammates high-fived Sheldon.

"Hey, I'm happy. My eyesight is so bad, I can't see where the darts go," said Sheldon, who has played dartball since 1956 and whose son, Harry, is a teammate.

Told that at least he didn't have to run the bases, Sheldon gasped and said, "But I'm still out of breath."

When I'm 91 or 81 thats what I want. I want to do an activity I love and be able to say. I don't do so well because I can't feel my fingers...or I can't really see where I throw the darts anymore....How awesome would that be.

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