Thursday, April 2, 2009

How bout a new "Favicon"

I think I want to put these pictures out for a vote on what I should use for a Spring favicon. Snowboarding season is definitely over and my snowboard was stolen anyways. So let me know your vote so Ichabod can keep my Favicon appropriate for the church year.

1) Techy Jesus

2.) Classic Jesus Eastern Rock Orthodox

3.) Perhaps for Ascension

4.) Dashboard Jesus - Jesus Take the Wheel

5.) Teen Sunday


CLJ711 said...

As funny as you are :-) , I liked the fact that you showed your real face when everyone else was out there hiding and posting anonymously....

"Stand up, stand up for Jesus"

Post that in your face photo you took while driving!

karen said...

since you are such a nerd, it needs to be techy

Anonymous said...

I like the last one where Jesus speaks to the deaf in American Sign Language - "I love you". Of course, some might confuse it with the goat-horn-devil symbol and get shook up about that ...

Brett Meyer said...

Tim, I posted a comment about the fifth icon depicting Christ with electric guitar and giving the sign of the devil with both hands on Ichabod. It was stated, like Anonymous above, that the sign also means "I love you" but that sign requires the thumbs to be extended. The icon you posted is blashemous and anti Christian.

In Christ,
Brett Meyer

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Wow, no kidding. You came up with that all by yourself? At least you are consistent in missing the point. I guess I missed where we were discussing these things on Ichabod but here is something to take back with you.

It hardly matters what the pictures are. I have a few others as well like a "Superman" Jesus and a James Dean looking Jesus and a Jesus with Elvis. They are all rediculous. On the otherhand,they might have been 100% appropriate in their original stated context. We have no idea what that context was. Perhaps they illustrated some point very well. Maybe the point originally was to illustrate that if you love Rock and Roll that this might be your picture of Jesus. Maybe they were meant to shame people by creating an image of Jesus that offended them. Who knows?

Anything out of context can be evil and blasphemous. I think that describes 90% of Ichabod so I thought you'd understand. Ohhh I think we just found my point.

Brett Meyer said...

Tim, the intro to your post, "I think I want to put these pictures out for a vote on what I should use for a Spring favicon." states that you 1. approve of the listed icons and 2. are soliciting votes for which one to use and 3. are willing to use any of them including the one with Christ making the sign of the devil with both hands. The original context of these icons uses is irrelevant as the current context is - which one should Tim use for his icon. The Satan worshiping Christ icon is blasphemous and there is no context in which it is not an offense to Christ and the one true Christian faith.

In Christ,
Brett Meyer

Tim Niedfeldt said...

That may be true perhaps, if

#1 you are devoid of any sense of sarcasm or humor

#2 by voting on such things it would produce a binding result. Since this is an OBVIOUS mockery of Greg's "favicon" references I doubt most fervently that Greg would actually change his "favicon" for me based on "voting" on my site.

and #3 again I wasn't and am not currently a collaborator for anything to be used including the current one. That is Greg's doing. Yet I don't care that the current one is used. The credibility behind its use is as valid as any of these pictures.

I find it hard to believe that you do not understand my sarcasm. I know you do not care for it as you have commented directly to that point on several occasions. That's fine with me and I don't stay awake nights worrying about it.

It would seem that you have some sort of belief that if a blog doesn't state it is being sarcastic to make a point then it must be represented literally. That might be a helpful disclaimer to make for the ignorant...but I don't owe it to them. Not on my blog.

Most importantly this is what Greg does all day long. He grabs random tidbits and uses sarcasm, graphics, and other shock value items to try and create a stir where there is nothing. Admittedly he gets some critical remarks for all that biting sarcasm. You'd think I'd get no less praise than Greg because there certainly is no less virtue.