Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Squirrel Altar

I finally remembered to take a picture of the little squirrel mecca my neighbor has created. Oh the blessings it conveys as the snow is melting and everything on the ground is exposed. In our recent snow from the beginning of the week, the evidence of the bunnies doing little pagan dances of celebration in our yard are evident. Probably an excellent argument that partying and dancing while high on corn leads to rampant bunny pregnancies.

Probably the answer for these bunnies from working class neighborhoods such as our own is a good education program sponsored by a stimulus package grant. I believe if I could get $1,000,000 in a grant to teach bunny sex education we could reduce the strain on the local bunny economy. Soon there will be so many bunny babies that some will go hungry due to lack of enough corn. This is a real problem and I can't think of anyone better so solve my problems than the government. Plus, my own economy will be stimulated enough to move to my high rise condo downtown ...where there are fewer bunnies. Then of course I'd have to get a grant to help the downtown crack bunnies. The cycle never ends.

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