Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sammi Goodger

I promised Sammi that I would write a blog entry and dedicate it to her. This will be a great validation that she has friends. I'm pretty sure her self-esteem will be boosted for a half an hour or more.

Sammi is a lovely young lady from church who plays guitar and saxophone in the church band. Her husband Mark plays the drums. She is a teacher in Kenosha and probably is often confused with being a student due to her very youthful appearance. I think she teaches special ed reading or english or maybe its just regular reading and english...or maybe Kenosha kids are slow so teaching reading and english to them is like teaching special ed. I'm growing more nervous as I write this, because the chances of screwing up in spelling, grammer or inproper use of the passive voice just keeps growing. Who wants that kind of pressure? I should've just written the entire thing in texting/IM speak. No pressure.

Sammi and Mark are cute together. I think they are very similar in nature which is unusual to see. Karen and I are such polar opposites. The Goodgers are goody goody two shoes. That would make them goody goody Goodgers (3 points). My wife is also very strongly in that category....wait.. My wife is in that category very strongly...no.. My wife is also a member of the ruling family of goody goodies. This is a good thing because if I ever need to know what a person with ethics and a kind disposition would do I can just pull out my WWSD and have my answer. It's like keeping goodness in your back pocket. Which for me of course means that I sit on it a great deal and when I pull it out of my pocket it is sort of messed up and gross like my wallet. It will have a unique scent, be barely held together, yet be perfectly formed to my backside. That is not to say that Sammi is perfectly formed for my backside...just her goodness... if it were stored in my wallet ( Let's not even mention this part to Mark....shhhhh )

I think having the Sammi join us at Victory has been great because for a little while the band had no blondes in it at all and I think it might have been perceived a little too seriously. Adding a blonde to the mix though has definitely improved that image. As long as no one finds out she's actually smart, that should work out fine.

So that concludes my dedication to Sammi. If I'm lucky I might just snag her as a new follower with my other big fans. I see double digit readership coming up here within the year.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there an old song "You're Nobody 'til Somebody Blogs You"? Ba Dum Bum...


CLJ711 said...

I'm sorry. Somebody has to comment on the two spelling errors right after you mentioned the chances of screwing up spelling (grammer? inproper?) ... oh wait... you did that on purpose didn't you?

I'd like to meet Sammi she sounds cool.