Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Word of the Week - 3/11/2009

For my readers under 5 years old, here the word of the week. I hope you have been working on these words with your friends at preschool.


There is a possibility that I myself might be contumacious. My daughter is definitely contumacious. Actually everyone in my immediate family is contumacious in their own special way. So to my readers under 5, I want you to find all the contumacious people you know and point them out the next time we get together.

Have a great week.


CLJ711 said...

Are you alluding to being recalcitrant or referring more to being obdurate?

PS - you're letting the "blogosphere" get to you... maybe take a breather before you keel over from exhaustion, exasperation, or both...!

Tim Niedfeldt said...

way to ruin the next two weeks of words.

Are you kidding...the blogosphere makes me high!