Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Update

I don't have too much news family wise. Zach called yesterday and said he got his promotion to PFC. It'll be 9 months for lCpl. Unless you have two people who will enlist and go through boot camp for the Marines...let me know. Then he would get lance Cpl when those two have completed boot camp. He is still waiting for class to start and is spending some good character building time cleaning mostly. I think he is working out too.

Ike in a typical winter activity
Kt and Ike are just sorta moseying through the winter. Kt starts track next week. That will get her occupied. Ike is waiting for track to begin but I think he has another 5-6 weeks to wait. They both work 1-2 days a week now. Kt doesn't work as much as before because JCP as most retailers, are cutting back and making do with less. Ike starts a 5 day winter break tomorrow and Kt gets a 4 day winter break starting Thursday. Ike will most likely have his peeps over in that time period. They are pretty much a standard Friday night crowd now.

Katie has been receiving introductory mailings from every college in the world. They pour in day after day. I'd be happier if they were just scholarships right off the bat. We'll see. If Kt can nail an ROTC scholarship or similar deals she just might try to get into a few schools she is currently interested in. At the moment Norwich University is near her top pick. It is a university with a military emphasis similar to VMI or the Citadel yet not quite so nutty. It is in Vermont so that would put her back in the land of her youth and only a little ways away from spending quality time with the Johnson's. I can just see Terry and Cheryl hunkering down in their house and turning the lights off..."If we don't move..maybe she'll go away". If there are no scholarships and aid and what not Kt still seems interested in plan B which is to enlist in the Marines, get some education while she's in the marines and then finish up college afterwardswith the GI bill.

Karen is gearing up for two more classes as well. Hopefully they will be more fun than her English class. Although Mrs. Smarty pants aced her classes and maintains her 4.0 it was not without an undo amount of angst and whining and complaining. That probably has a lot to do with the academic world's view of writing compared to the more practical world of business writing. Having a chance to read the drivel and commentary of the professor and its no wonder our youth come out of college so screwed up. Karen and I share an equal distaste for the conventions of academic writing. Thankfully that was her last college English class.

I spent two hours talking with ATT Uverse last night trying to resolve a problem where when I use Remote Desktop Connection/ FTP/ and MS Frontpage all at the same time, the connection will crash and then the IP address to my webserver becomes unavailable at my home router. I can reach it from work or anywhere else. Just not from any computer in my house. I know whats wrong. Clearly something is bumping my IP address from the DNS machine. Then days later when they update the DNS machine it will come back. HOWEVER. finding a person at ATT who understands this level of technological sophistication is impossible. I had to take them through all the diagnostic procedures and commands just to prove to them that there is nothing in my personal router or network causing this problem. So after all that time I had to end the call with no resolution. I believe I will be designing a hack that forces a refresh on stale DNS machines within the ATT domain. grrrrrr.


CLJ711 said...

Umm yeah, right! no way would we sit in the dark. We like Katie waaaay too much! She can hang out with us any time she wants - she needs to make sure she brings the snow paint, though.

Anonymous said...

Is the IP addr unavailable or is ATT's DNS servers not able to translate your URL to an address?

If I understand your problem correctly (I once had a similar situation with TDS Metrocom in Madison):

You might try pointing your router to use OpenDNS for your DNS nameservers....

See https://www.opendns.com/start/

nameservers: and


Tim Niedfeldt said...

I have 5 websites on a server in NH. They are all tied to the one IP address using host headers. It would appear that for awhile the IP address is good and all 5 sites are available. Then for no reason other than being connected to the server from my home computer using 3 different vehicles, the IP address I'm connected to disappears from ATT's DNS. No pings, no traceroutes, no nothing. I can get to it through anonymizer's and such.

I just might try that open DNS. Its the only websites I know of that I can't get to. Its sort of sad since it is my server.

Thanks for the advice. Now I just need to see if the ATT router freaks at a non att DNS server.


CLJ711 said...

I was going to ask if it was your server here. Did you ever resolve the IP issue(s) we had? In fact we still have all those extra IP addresses we aren't using since Comcast never gave us any help on that one. Were you ever able to assign one of them to yours ... ? I remember something about yours being DMZ or something.... maybe we're (Comcast on our end) blocking you?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Well I thought of that but a traceroute would show that the packets were stopped at comcast and I'm not getting beyond ATT. Also because my server is in the DMZ I should also be outside the office firewall rules. lastly I forced a lease of a new IP address on my router here so effectively changing the IP address that was in use when i was blocked. We are all good on the server and on comcast.

I'm also good with just the one IP. It makes my life easier if I ever need to fail over at zoneedit.

Anonymous said...

When the problem occurs, you might try adding the URL and correct IP addr to your /etc/hosts file (*nix). (I think there is an analogue in Windoze somewhere in or around the Windows folder). Unless your registry has a screwy setting (which can be changed of course), your system should look there before running off to DNS.

This doesn't solve your problem with ATT DNS (though openDNS might) and it won't help you if ATT can't route packets to the IP address.

It should help you reach web server with the proper headers if your only problem is DNS and you can actually reach the address.