Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Things

Read up on the "Stimulus Package" today. What a farce. What a very expensive farce. Who wants to wager that this country will have blown through several Trillion dollars in "stimulus", will have very little stimulus to show for it and just as in the 1960's these "temporary" stimulus items will become entitlements. We'll call it the "Great Society II" except it will only be a mediocre society at best. It certainly will be an Obamanation to those who have to foot the bill...who are those people?...Oh yeah...that's me.

You know, if you spend $1400 on car repairs, I don't care how cold it is, I want my car wash that comes with the repair. Soon we will have deer roaming into the city to lick the car. I already saw the neighbor bringing his Margarita glasses out to it. Maybe I will give it a sponge bath tonight.

Speaking of farces, I have been observing some confessional crusaders in blogland lately. Not the thoughtful more introspective crowd I would banter with in the past, but the more wacky militant branch that I refer to as Area 51. I'd say its the difference between the Wall Street Journal and the Enquirer. I don't participate in the discussions because that is a pointless waste of time, but it is like a train wreck on the sheer entertainment value. It also fills the time while waiting to pick up Ike from St. Marcus.

Their leader is a well educated man with degrees from top schools in the country, which amazes me because his critical thinking skills, open-mindedness, and basic scholarship are so lacking. A thorough review of the facts is irrelevant before posting conclusions. What he is skillful in is non sequitur association. An example would be to say something like, "Our economy is suffering and the fatherland has been treated unfairly."...then also stating "Jews are in government and also treat people unfairly." Then those who fail to check the facts or lack critical thinking skills walk away with their new mantra that "Jews are the cause of all our problems...we need to do something about this!!" It must be something about ego-maniacs.

I guess that would be the question...does he do these things because he is actually that smart and knows how to stir up the common man in a grand vicious religious scheme? or does he actually believe what he posts and willfully tries to sway opinions with passionate yet misguided accusations. Just like the Enquirer and All-Star Wrestling, its sheer sillyness is what makes it so entertaining. I'd just be a little bit embarrassed to be one of those institutions that gave out an advanced degree and then saw it used in an effort of educational or scholastic malpractice.

Well who am I to talk. I came out of UW-Madison more conservative than when I entered. I'm sure it is a disappointment to UW as well. On the other hand they haven't stopped asking me for money yet.


Anonymous said...

Yes.. I agree with you: Your blog definitely is spewing and long winded. But to be more honest you should edit your subtitle to say "spewing my longwinded and arrogant thoughts."

Or maybe you should stick to items not pertaining to theology. Theology clearly isn't your long suit.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

I might seriously consider adding that to my subtitle if you think that clarification might help. I have never claimed lack of arrogance and I'm humble enough to admit it.

Its a good thing I don't state theology as an area of expertise. I wouldn't want people to go around saying, "The great theologian Tim Niedfeldt said..." and then have to say..."hey, I'm not a theologian at all...I'm simply a commentarian on topics I feel like commenting on"

Ahhh the beauty of blogs is that one can just say whatever they want to whomever would care to listen. On the one hand that can be an excellent form of expression, but on the other hand it makes a blog worth its weight in manure as to its credibility. That pretty much goes for mine as for anyones.

So it sounds as if I won't count you as the 7th and newest reader in my extensive readership list that includes my mother, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my wife, Cheryl and Joe.

I'll just take this moment to say hello to them all. However I'm pretty sure that except for Cheryl and Joe, none of the others even know about making comments or reading them so they'll never even see this.

Well I think I made my answer long-winded enough now. Thanks for stopping by.


CLJ711 said...

Ha! You got controversy. I want controversy! Maybe this person should check out my thoughts on God. WOW. Though, I might cry...

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Oh.. I know. I was so happy. I was plugging my phone into the charger to go to bed about 12:30 last night and it lit up and one lonely email alert was there saying that I existed in the universe. So I ran down right away to respond. Not only that they recognized I was arrogant right away. Its like they know me.

I'm pretty sure you don't want these folks commenting on your site unless of course you were having too euphoric of a day and wanted it brought down a notch or two. As always in the blogosphere when you're standing knee deep in it its easy to fling.


Gma said...

Hello, yes I'm here, too.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Hi MOM!!! Okay so my very own mother and my wife both read comments too. Who'da thought. I feel just that much better.