Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Did the Captivity of the American Way of Life Begin?

Today Joe commented on my "9 days until the American Captivity..." title of my previous post. He said, "I think the captivity began a long time ago; longer than most want to admit. November 22, 1963 is a pretty good benchmark for it." I was looking up the date for when I believed it began and found this introductory paragraph in Wikipedia. Can you guess which Presidents it was about? It would appear history has already been written. It will be easier to write this time around if we only have to change the names.

My History Quiz

"The United States presidential election of ** (1) Insert Election Year ** took place as the effects of the **(2)Insert Year** Stock Market Crash and the ** (3)Insert Economic Doldrum Here ** were being felt intensely across the country. President **(4)Insert Former President's Name ** popularity was falling as voters felt he was unable to reverse the economic collapse, or deal with **(5)Insert Domestic/International Turmoil here** . **(6)Insert President-Elect's Name here** used what he called **(7)Insert Former President's Name **'s failure to deal with these problems as a platform for his own election, promising reform in his policy called **(8)Insert Economic plan here ** . Although vague about how he would remedy the situation, **(9)Insert President-Elect's Name here** won by a landslide, and this "critical election" marked the collapse of the **(10)Insert Political System Here ** System or **(11) Insert popular Era name Here ** Era."

Well at least history doesn't repeat itself.


Anonymous said...

I'll take a whack at it. 1929 would be another benchmark too, or should I say 'system restore point.'

1. 1932
2. 1929
3. Great Depression
4. Hoover
5. world economy/war
6. FDR
7. Hoover
8. New Deal
9. FDR
10. ?
11. Roaring 20's


Tim Niedfeldt said...

The official Answers are:

1. 1932
2. 1929
3. Great Depression
4. Herbert Hoover
5. prohibition (I might have misled on the clue)
6. Franklin D. Roosevelt
7. Hoover
8. New Deal
9. Roosevelt
10. Fourth Party System ???
11. Progressive

But this could easily be

1. 2008
2. 2008
3. recession
4. Bush's
5. Iraqui war
6. Oblahma
7. Bush's
8. Hope and Change
9. Oblahma
10. free market system
11. capitalist

Or maybe it could be this

1. 1980
2. (well not crash...but substitute runaway inflation)
3. recession
4. Carter's
5. Iranian Hostage Crisis
6. Reagan
7. Carter's
8. Supply Side Economics/Trickle down/Keynsian/Tax Cuts
9. Reagan
10. Great Society
11. Cold war

I guess there are other elections that fit too. bush sr. and Clinton etc..

CLJ711 said...

I did a Google search on "american captivity" and Native Americans came up.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this. One could make the arguement that it began after the Civil War; which was about states rights and not slavery as we were all "educated" it was.