Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 ..The Clean Slate

So I'm starting my New Year on January 5th. My desk is clean and organized. I have my calendar and task lists entered and updated and I synched them up to my phone. I think I am ready to go for the new year.

Although a bit delayed in beginning my new year, I have been assessing my blessings and I feel very comforted in what God has provided. Karen and I have each have good jobs at a great employer that can weather just about any storm. Heck all three kids have jobs too. We are all healthy and although we may be inherently odd, our family is strong and together. Our stressful struggles, such as fixing the various quirks on our FOUR cars, providing a private, christian education for our kids, replacing one stolen computer of our 5 computers, or after having the flat panel stolen, my daughter had to go back to the old standard TV of our 4 TV's remaining. One could be annoyed that the cat is shredding the corner of the couch instead of the scratching post right next to it. I have to get a new hair trimmers...thats annoying.

But looking around this morning while dropping Ike at school in the inner city and Zach at the recruiting sub station on the North side and even in our own neighborhood, I see the For Sale signs due to foreclosure, I saw a homeless man pushing a cart while it was 8 degrees outside this morning. I saw the recently out of business restaurant that used to be in the main level of my parking structure. I saw the guy ahead of me at the gas station count out change for two gallons of gas (I wonder if he got it from my ashtray...hmmmm).

Maybe two weeks holed up in my house is not such a good thing. I forget to look around and notice just how blessed I am when I truly look around and see others who have so much more going on. I'm thankful for the renewed perspective.

Well I will not regale you with the boring details of our weekend. Zach had another crew of friends over Friday night. Ike went midnight bowling with Naomi and several other friends. Kt was involved with Zach's party. Saturday there was a baby shower for Karen's cousin and the Men showed up later for dinner. Zach went to his friends in Wind lake afterwards...signalling that our frig must be empty now. Ike and Kt both worked. Sunday we visited my mother in Jefferson so Zach could eat her sloppy joes before he heads out in a couple of weeks. We had a good time talking about many topics. After we got home Zach headed to Wind lake again. This time to send off Steve who is starting MCT earlier than Zach and Ricky.

This week I think we will just settle back into a routine. Kt and Ike have school. Zach works 8-5ish. Saturday is the Treder Christmas. There will be about 40-50 people at K's mother's house and it will be fun and crazy. I always love that gathering of family. The Treders just know how to party.

Feelin' Fine in 2009

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CLJ711 said...

I used to work with a girl that would always say, "It could be worse". I think I'll make that my motto. That along with "I couldn't be more blessed".