Monday, January 26, 2009

Victory of the Lamb Update

I wanted to let you all know how Victory is doing. In January our attendance has been over 100 people every week...roughly around 110. We are getting close to maxxing out our current space. We are feverishly looking for a new space. I have prayed that Pastor Ben's meetings with showtime cinema were fruitful today. We have approached them twice before with rejections both times. Now we are prepared to see how capitalist they are. At some point money has to win out over convenience.

The Kids group is growing like crazy too and it is hard to share the same room at Sunday School/Bible Study time. It would be nice to give them their own space too.

All I can say is God is blessing this church and all these problems are His fault :-). If you know of a space that can seat 3-400 people on a weekly basis in southwest franklin...let us know.

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