Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Quick Items

Obama sickens me.

Here are pictures of my new bad boy Howard II. Yes I am that geeky. If you realized that I only get a new computer every 6 years or so and have never purchased a new monitor before, you'd know why I take pictures of my computer and post them like I had a new child.

Katie and Panda are demonstrating the sheer power and video clarity as Goldeneye is playing in the background in Dolby surround sound. Increased security is the order for the day as my jealous, drooling , lusty children hover around.

So this is where it all happens. I'm sure my wife will not be happy that Howard is in the
house. However I am ramping up a bit. I am re-doing my consulting website after not touching it for 6 years (it still had my NH address and phone numbers). I installed the C# WIKI software base (same as I used for and am now working on graphical schemes. I have had about 8 headers on this site in the last two days seeing what I like. Cheryl just keeps making me better ones. Thank you Cheryl!!! Now I have to re-work all the text and make project demo pages and various other pages. I would like to work more on church related websites and put an emphasis on work for the church. I'm not ready to jump off the deep end in outside consulting like in my former days. Since I have no clients, that won't be hard but when I do, I will pace myself and make sure I don't get carried away. Take a look at the new site as it develops. I'm really starting from scratch now.

I am also on facebook now. I started mine right after Karen started hers. For those family members out there it is a great place for photo albums and I have our trip photos and other ones I've taken out there. After our Treder family Xmas party I noticed Aunt Deb and Uncle Gerry now have facebooks and are cool too. I sort of like social networking. I ran into some old friends from high school on there too. I even found my boyhood friend from Colgate whom I last saw at my wedding. I feel a lil bit closer to people I don't get to talk to in awhile. So if you're on Facebook ...look me up. If you're not? Then get with the cool people and join.

Well this weekend Karen and I are seeing the play Sweeney Todd. I haven't seen the movie either so my views won't be tainted. I always look forward to our plays. The next one is Stomp. I saw that one in Boston and I loved it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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k said...

Our next play is "The Drowsy Chaperone" in March. Stomp is not until April. silly boy.