Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Church Band

In an effort to start a musician rotation and in light of new members with musical talent coming into the church, Victory is trying to get more musicians in the band. Since the drummer position has not had any other people audition for it, my wife joked to the drummer that she could be a drummer because she was getting 98% in RockBand.

So in order to help traditional churches introduce contemporary worship to their churches or just to get more people involved in the music, Karen and I decided that they need to make "ChurchBand" for Xbox and Playstation (WELS Version of course featuring "Thy Strong Word" and "A Mighty Fortress" on Expert mode)

Perhaps that should be my first project at CCD. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!!! Busta Move!!!!

Heh, Heh....


ThompsonWorld said...

Regarding drummers in church - my dad had a classic comment after attending a contemporary church in South Carolina. "Now I know why they put the drummer behind bullet proof glass. I'll bet they've gone through 3 or 4 in the last couple of months". Said like a true traditionalist.