Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick update

I have a few minutes to update you on the week. It was busy....

I am very tired right now after falling behind on sleep. Yesterday morning we took Zach to the airport at 5:00am to head back to San Diego for a month. Ricky his best friend followed him out there a few hours later and they will check in to Camp Pendleton together this afternoon. Then he goes straight to Florida for two months. After that he could stay in Florida for another 3-8 months or he could end up at some other training location dependent on his exact specialty.

He had a great visist and spent a great deal of time with his friends. On Friday he had a last hurrah with them in our basement. I'm pretty sure from now on that group will branch out and diversify amongst their various colleges and soon will leave these days in the dust. Well except for Ricky. Ricky seemed to almost live with us while on leave.

Kt had two "cold days" off school last week while Ike did not. Ike was at the only school that was open in Milwaukee. It even made the news. St. Marcus provides transportation for any kids who might have to walk or ride the bus when it gets below 10 degrees. The rest of the kids are dropped off by parents. They do this because it would be hard for so many inner city families to take days off of work to stay home with kids, or to find daycare, or even to provide the two meals a day the school provides. All in all I did not think our -15 degrees was all that bad.

The Jetta is having some issues. I bought spark plugs and wires for it. I hope that resolves the issue ...otherwise it is probably a coil pack or mass airflow sensor....grrr. The Mercury had a cold issue too where I need to replace the Thermostat. That's not a bad issue of course because that is easy to do...just not fun in the cold. It's ironic that the BMW is the best runnign car in the house.

Alright I think thats all I have time for now. More later this week I'm sure.

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