Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

So...I watched the last half of the super bowl. Maybe all the good commercials were in the first half. I'd have to say that at least it was one heck of a game to watch. That's how superbowls should be.

Talked to Zach yesterday. He is doing alright. I believe he had his hardest week at MCT. He was in a lot of pain with his shin splints and a cyst on the bottom of his foot. He is avoiding proper medical treatment for that as to avoid getting dropped back a week if they decided to freeze it off and he'd be off his feet a few days. They had a 10k hike with 90lb packs on Friday. This next week he is at a remote camp firing large weapons. 50 calibre machine guns and rocket launchers etc.. He definitely is waiting for Florida although the temps in San Diego have been 75 degrees or so. It is so much nicer that I can email him, text him and phone him. For now it is just the weekends but it is sooo much better than only being able to write letters.

Today we had 113 in church. Pastor mentioned about a building for sale not too far away that might just be the thing that God was closing all the other doors for to lead us here. It was a light industry building with a 6000 sq ft warehouse and a number of offices and rooms. It is for sale by a member from St. Jacobi who also owns the building next door. That would be an important part because we might need to use the overflow parking of that building. I was soooo excited. Pastor is talking to him this week. I will pray that some doors are opened up here.

I did get the Jetta cleaned today. I hardly recognized it. Ike went to the movies with his new girlfriend. Yeah him and Naomi are just friends now. Now we're on to Michelle. Ahh the love life of a 14 year old.

That will have to cover it this Super Sunday. Have a great week.

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