Monday, January 12, 2009

9 days until the American Captivity begins

So as the year begins and capitalism in America draws to a close, our lives continue on in cruise control. I'm so excited about "Hope" and "Change" and apparently it's multi-trillion dollar price tag(when I was in grade school I don't think we ever talked in terms of trillions...even for learning exponents). As we get down to the business of the mundane, there is not as much to blog about so I'm pretty sure I will have to dip into my treasure trove of personal favorite topics to supplement.

This last week Kt and Ike returned to school. That was pretty uneventful except Kt had off on Friday because the powergrid around her school went down so they sent the kids home. How lame is that. When we were kids...we could learn things without power and heat.

Zach was recruiting each day or at least was involved in "interesting" projects. This week he is winding down his leave. He leaves on Monday for a good 8-10 months. Whereas that may be a long time and I like him "visiting" I still have to say I don't want him living here anymore. He is a whirlwind of mess and people traffic and I guess I got all used to not having that when he was gone. I can get used to it again. I have noticed a changed attitude though about some things. It's amazing how tight he is. I heard these words right out of his mouth last night in response to a request from his mother to buy her some Oreos, "A dollar here and a couple of dollars there and I get nickeled and dimed out of my money." He did mention the one caveat in that it didn't matter if it was our money...

Howard is officially dead. Howard is the heart and soul of my home network. It was my Music mixing, DVD making, Dual monitored machine with a decent CPU and Memory. The motherboard has moved on. So the hard drives are still good and various other parts that I will rescue. I will order a new barebones CPU which is incredibly cheap for what it has. Howard II will be even stronger than before. In the mean time I have been a computer vagrant borrowing various computers around the house. All the computers on my home network were Happy Days characters. As the computers die off so has the Happy Day's names (yes Joanie and Chachi are dead as well)

The Treder family Christmas party this last weekend was a blast. I think there was about 45 people there. We had our white elephant gift exchange HOWEVER ......the trading part was cancelled due to time constraints. tsk tsk. I am letting the world now that with the group growing by at least two more scheduled babies right now and probably one to two more if the cousins get at it..that we propose right here and now that next year we implement the eastern orthodox white elephant exchange that involves getting your present and having the option of keeping it or taking one of the previously opened gifts. This eliminates the overhead of a double run white elephant exchange. I think this will restore that family friendly viciousness we all enjoy and concentrate ones fortunes in the draw of the cards...even if they are cut four ways and then you take two cards from each deck and flip the 2nd from the left. January 9th, 2010. I am inspired to start writing my poem right now. I think I will add to it each week I blog. I can't wait to see who gets it next year.

Well thats it for now. I am contemplating a post on some deep thoughts but I will ponder longer on those. Have a good week all.


CLJ711 said...

I believe the bones of Arnold, or was it Potsy, are sitting in our office.... when are you going to come collect the remains you forgot in September? Hey, for that matter, you can have the other KNS server also. It still runs. Just needs cleaning. BIG time.

Anonymous said...

I think the captivity began a long time ago; longer than most want to admit. November 22, 1963 is a pretty good benchmark for it.