Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday is not like Friday

Monday is never like Friday. We are not nearly as chipper. Although I must say I was pleased with my weekend. I completed a large part of the design for my new project and I even started in on the database development and some of the web work. I'm trying to be meticulous in the naming conventions and in memory management. I have not always done that as thoroughly in the past. However I need to be able to run this efficiently. I also am taking care to document the code and the database as I create it. This all definitely slows the process down, but already has been helpful for me.

I spent most of the weekend working on that. I slipped in a few chores here and there. Ike worked Friday night and Saturday night. Kt was hanging out with a friend both those nights. That's what our house would be like without kids. Aaaaahhh! Then again on Sunday afternoon Ike went mall ratting and Kt worked. Ahhhhh!!! I actually left my computer went to my sweet recliner in the basement and took a 2 hour nap. Really the only thing that disturbed that was Ike asking for a ride home from the mall. That kid needs a bus pass.

So almost all our snow has melted with the warm temperatures this weekend. We had 50's...which is so bizarre considering it was 5 degrees going into work on Thursday morning. I wish it was actually Spring arriving. That was a long stretch of cold and I'm ready for Spring already.

However if it was Spring that means that we will need to start dealing with the corn problem. Yes, we have a corn problem...don't you? Well the reason we have a corn problem is because of Squirrel Man. Squirrel Man lives down two houses and he LOVES squirrels. So much so that he has an old tree stump in his front yar with two spikes on it. and at least 3 times a week he loads those spikes with a cob of corn on each of them. So from spring until fall the squirrels bring the corn cobs that they take off the spikes and deposit them in our yard. That makes it more convenient for them to take the corn off and bury the kernels for safe keeping all over our yard. Last summer I had no less that 70 feed corn plants that grew up in the craziest of places. Of course that makes our yard a great place for bunnies.

Oooooohhh the bunnies!!! they dig holes and eat plants and have babies in our yard. Now my Father-in-Law has a bunny birthing center and condo complex under his deck. and he patiently traps them and humanely lets them go farther away in the country. Thats what you have to do in Madison or the Bunny Toleration League(BTL), Bunnies Are People Too If Smoking THC (BAPTIST), and the Bunnies Are Cute Creatures And Require Animal Toleration (BACCARAT) group will be all up in your face. Little does he know that the bunny network has a groomed path with rest areas and signage directing them straight back to some of the prime real estate on Oak Valley Dr. However in Milwaukee, we eat bunny and squirrel hugging interest groups for breakfast and follow it with a Brat and a beer. This year I am lacing the entire yard with Arsinic. If any living thing licks so much as a blade of grass I want them dead. Then I'm going to take their little carcasses and arrange them around the corn stump I'll put them in little black robes and make it look like a druid sacrafice or something with one poor creature sprawled out over the stump altar. Maybe I'll reenact a scene from Saving Private Ryan, or string them up with nooses around the stump as an example to others. I think if I could string up a squirrel like Sampson between the two cobs of corn that would make quite an impression on the other squirrels. I do have a nice spot in the yard where I could put up little grave markers that might make the rabbits nervous. I'll leave one little grave dug out with an empty headstone. Imagine as the go by and see the headstones...Peter, Easter, Runny Babbit, Bugs, Harvey, Roger, etc... What rabbit is going to hang out to see who goes in the next one?

Nevermind....I hate spring. Don't even get me started about the birds....because yes you guessed it Squirrel Man has bird feeders. Its such a good meal they can only make it to the tree in front of our house and poop on our cars. If I could electrify a tree...I would.


CLJ711 said...

Though you probably could not quite hear me from there, I have to say I cracked up laughing at this post. LOLing first thing in the morning is great - thanks!

PS - I was afraid to comment on your paint delivery offer - as knowing you, you probably would!

Jan said...

As I was reading outloud to gpa, I almost skipped over the part about the paths and signage to the resort, but he laughed, too.