Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To My Newest Readers

I have been informed that I have a growing constituency amongst the 4 year old cowgirl blog reading demographic (this is definitely a niche market). Not only is the fact that they can find this blog on their "Favorites" list impressive but truly impressive that they like to come back and share family updates along with my other random thoughts. With this knowledge, I believe I need to add a "word of the day" segment so as to be helpful in their preschool education.

So for Emma and Lily the word of the day is: defenestrate. A good use of this word is: Daddy's 401k has been defenestrated. Obama has defenestrated capitalism. Do NOT defenestrate your brother. An interesting side note that the German word "Das Fenster" is related to the root of defenstrate. Quirky huh? Wait until your friends at school hear about this.

I'm glad to have astute young readers join me. Welcome Aboard!!

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