Thursday, February 26, 2009

Area 51 Atwitter

For those of you who don't follow Area 51 you can ignore this one. That probably trims the list down to two people I know. Recently I have been scanning Area 51 as it has been very busy spewing out the inaccuracies, accusations, assumptions, and other conspiratorial theories. Today he provided an "Executive Summary" of all the Church and Change players and activities.

In one specific blurb regarding St. Marcus pastors he clearly knows nothing of the division of labor between the pastors at St. Marcus. His accusations make him look ridiculous. Maybe if he talked to even one member who was involved with St. Marcus he might know what's going on. I don't think he would understand that Jeske is only half-time at St. Marcus and covers Sunday morning worship and half-time Time of Grace. Pastor Steinberg is the school pastor. They are still looking for a replacement for Ski and until they do my pastor has been filling in 80% of the time for Sunday night worship at St. Marcus. These kinds of things escape "Joe's" scholarship.

A little later on he decries some pastors for researching and listening to Pastors outside our fellowship because those outside our fellowship also preach false doctrine. Apparently our pastors are not capable of listening to false teachers and discerning what is correct doctrine and what is wrong.

The large irony is that the person spewing all these accusations is outside of the WELS or any other synod and is a self-declared pastor of an independent, lutheranish based "church" he runs out of his house on the web. He spends his time calling all the synods apostate and their leaders heretics. Yet he spends a great deal of time quoting and reading and researching all these heretics. Recently he put out a glowing review of a WELS book written by a Pastor. Yet the same pastor wrote a paper that outlines Objective Justification ...something this quasi-Lutheran pariah decries endlessly. He did note in his review of the book that he wished that the Pastor had not put references to OJ in the book.

I guess the hypocrisy is that this modern day " Joe McCarthy" of the marginalized Lutheran independents with an axe to grind set, can read whatever he likes, he can sit at the feet of UOJ Stormtroopers and fawn over their other material as long as he highlights the parts that he doesn't agree with. Our own pastors are not allowed this freedom or discernment. Perhaps the line is that Lutheran Pastors can read anything in the realm of Lutheran but are required to stay away from any materials anywhere outside the realm of Lutherandom. I'm not sure but as the chief of sitting at the feet of those at Notre Dame, Yale , and various non-lutheran colleges and at at the feet of so many other's he also criticizes, I think the hypocrisy is huge that the critic of "Spoiling the egyptians." is the top spoiler of them all.

Well I just noticed that the Rev. "Joe McCarthy" has just been spewing at a feverish rate these days and continues to spiral down the path of Lutheran nuttiness. I thought just once someone should say something somewhere to make sure there is a reality check at least once.

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Anonymous said...

He is simply dillusional.

I think if WELS changed their doctrinal stance on UOJ, apologized/grovelled at the feet of GJ and gave the Changers the left boot of fellowship, he wouldn't know what to do with himself. Heaven forbid he might have to preach the Gospel. I'm sure he would find some other speck to rail against whilst he remains impailed on the timber in his eye.

I enjoy your grounded posts.