Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zach's Address

Here is Zach's Address:

Niedfeldt, Zachary D.
1st BN Alpha Co. Platoon 1003
39001 Midway Ave.
MCRD San Diego, CA 92140-1003

Rules for sending mail

  • No Packages
  • Plain White evelopes with nothing but the address written on the outside
  • Pictures can be sent but no bigger than 4x6 inches and no porn.
  • no sending of anything other than nice paper letters
  • no perfumes or scented things.
  • Nothing that a drill Instructor could focus on and make his life miserable by highlighting your letter to the whole group.

So There ya go. There is no personal message from Zach yet. Just a form letter with Mom & Dad written on the top and another letter from his Drill Instructor also a form letter with Zach having written in Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Niedfeldt. It was his handwriting so he is indeed alive.

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