Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Sort of a strange weekend. It definately felt weird to not have 10-20 teenagers camping in my house at some point during the weekend. It has been so long since we've had a full weekend where Z's crew did not come over and hang out that it was almost disconcerting. The other thing I notice is that the house stays a lot cleaner without Z around. No taco bell wrappers, Mountain Dew cans, socks, shoes, towels, shirts in the living room. No bread, peanut butter, and jelly laying out on the counter. No empty bowls hiding around the house....and no I don't miss any of that.

Friday I went to Kt's CC meet. It was their meet that has all the big prominent state teams at it and Wisco did well. Kt's time drastically improved. It was a very tough course so overall the times were slow. After the meet we headed up to West Bend for the Wisco Football game. Wisco won but it was a wakeup call victory. West Bend East nearly came back to win from being down 33-7 at the half. Their quarterback just passed his way to happyland and our pass coverage was very poor. On the upside we won because they could do little to stop the run.

Saturday Ike had his Football game. Can we say, "2nd verse same as the first..?" This game was a lot like the week before. The first half sucked and the second half they came out and kept them scoreless. However there was a noticeable difference. The offensive line and defensive line are starting to hit more. Ike started at running back this time and he got the 1st 1st down and actually had positive yards. He still got bashed a lot by the defense due to poor blocking but he had some good runs. For awhile he played defense too and got a couple of tackles. Definite improvement for the whole team.

Sunday was church. Ike and Karen went to St. Marcus and Kt and I went to Victory. Ike had to sing for his school at church. Karen mentioned that the music quality, complexity and volume were astounding compared to STP in Muskego. 50-60 Middle schoolers including the boys sang 3 parts , the boys could be heard and even had some bass going on. It was a great spirit to behold from what I heard. The United Voices of Praise Choir was also there.

After church I took on Zach's "Fish Slum". His fish have not had their tank cleaned in ...a really long time. Even the catfish could not keep up with the algae and fish poop. They still have grown a lot larger. Well I got a new filter since the old one broke and cleaned up the tank and redid the rocks and such. Finally we got the fish back in there. His 5 glasscats died by the evening. They are fragile fish and don't adapt to change that well. Taking them from their oxygen depleted green fish poop water and putting them in clean, oxygenated , environment was just too much. All the other fish who are tougher breeds did just fine.

Later that night I watched the Packer game....my attentions soon drifted back to watching the fish...weekend over.

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