Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Call

Got "the call" from Zach at about 3:00am that he arrived at Boot Camp. I had managed to figure out which flight he was on and accounting for the 3 hour bus ride from the airport he called us about 30 minutes after he arrived at the MCRD. They have about 1:00 to talk and have a scripted part they have to say about when to expect a letter and such. He got enough time to say its going well so far. Stubbed his toe. "How is mom?"

That call is it for 3 months. The only communication from now on will be after he sends the first letter and we get the complete address. They give you the basic address information but until he is processed they leave out the specific squad number or some such thing. Once we have that information we can mail him too.

Karen has moments of sadness but in general is doing much better. I have to admit there are about 25 times I've wanted to text him to ask him this or that. Well so far so good anyways.

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