Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Odds and Ends

Zach leaves for Marine Boot Camp in San Diego on Sunday evening. We had his going away party this last Saturday. We had 25 relatives and family friends come over to our tiny house but fortunately we could be outside on a great day. Just about when the last family members left, about 20 of Z's closest friends came over to hang out in our garage and eventually sleep all over every floor and couch space. That doesn't even count the ones who have already taken off for college too far away to return.

Katie and Ike's sports seasons have commenced. Katie had her first CC meet on Friday. The varsity team for boys took 1st and the girls took 2nd. Kt was not pleased with her performance but also realizes her lack of summer conditioning is now rearing its ugly head. Since the girls team took 2nd in State last year apparently the coach is stepping it up a notch this year as well with more draconian CC workouts and rules. Seems to be taking a little of the fun out of it. I have to admit that not allowing the girls to go to football games on the Friday nights before Saturday meets is rediculous. There is more to High School than such hardcore social restrictions.

Ike's first football game was Saturday. It was interesting to say the least. Unfortunately due to my son's poor communication skills I did not know he needed to be there at 9:45am so he instead got there at 10:00am. This caused his coach to pull him as the starting running back and he was not on offense the entire game. However in retrospect, that was not a bad thing. Offense needs lots of help. The o-line was apparently made of swiss cheese because I didn't see much stopping the Waukesha West defense from getting through it. So I saved ike from being pummeled. Either that or perhaps he could have displayed an amazing ability to break tackles. The QB threw a number of interceptions. Most of Waukesha's 36 points was from turnovers. So really the defense did pretty well and held Waukesha back. There were a few breakouts and scores but they were harder won for sure. Ike got a couple of tackles in there. The Vikings did score though in the last quarter. The 70 or so yard drive almost made up the total negative yardage for the game the offense had. It was also the only time we had a 1st down. I've decided that Lutherans are too nice. Those kids need to learn to be aggressive. This is not touch football.

I'm scoping out replacement vehicles for the bmw. There are two candidates. One I could get on Friday if the 1st bidder falls through. It would be the more preferable of the two. It is Zach's best friend, Ricky's, car. Ricky is departing with Zach on Sunday to Boot Camp. A nice 4 cylinder Toyota Celica (30mpg). The other is Pat's truck, a 35 year old Chevy 1/2 ton (15mpg). It has been restored and is barely used. It would be fine for local driving during winter and such. They are each about the same price and I know the history of both cars. All I would want out of them is about a year's life. I have discovered that if I buy a used car from a source I know life goes pretty well. It has only been the cars from unknown sellers and advertisements that have ended up sucking. Pat is farther away from buying his replacement truck though so if Ricky's planned sale goes through and I can't buy it then I may have to wait a couple of months for Pat's.

Karen's brother and Sister-in-law had a "Thanksgiving in September" for Zach on Sunday. It was excellent and I stuffed myself on the food. I must say that I had the most fun with their children. We played together for a long time and they are real smart cookies. I spent the day being a poor role model and showing them how to horseplay. They are 3.5 years old and usually are afraid of me because I'm a weird person. But I think they got over that and we had a blast. My favorite part was when I asked them how they liked school. Emma said to me matter-of-factly, "Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't." Now that sums up life pretty well for almost anyone.
I think that covers life for awhile.

Lily and Emma my nieces and play buddies.

Ike my 14 year old on the 3 year old's trike.

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CLJ711 said...

I hate being the only one to comment on your blogs! But I don't want you to feel lonely and give up on them like Terry did. Of course, he didn't have a comment page until recently, but no one ever mentioned ever reading his so he lost interest in doing it. Now he has a blog and no one comments. Go comment on his! Ask him what it feels like to be father of the bride... Anyway, I am so glad you have this out here to keep us all up to date on your family. The kids change so much so fast, it's hard to keep up! Now we have one getting married.... "where does time fly?" as they say... I am hoping Terry updates his blog soon with our family happenings. I am trying to stay out of that area since that is what he wanted to do and I'd just keep my blog to my art. Well, as you know, we will see you guys in a couple weeks, looking forward to it, and we'll all catch up then... :-)

So. Cool. Wish Ike well in football and Katie in her running. I remember those grueling days of playing catch up for sports after being lazy....

Also, give Zach an EXTRA big hug for me. Oh and ask Ike why he's not wearing a helmet ....