Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update

So Zach is off. He hasn't left for San Diego yet, but he will tonight. He went to the Hampton Inn Suites downtown after his recruiter picked him up. Today he does some paperwork at the local MEPS and flies out tonight to arrive very early in the morning on Tuesday. Then he gets on a bus from the airport to the MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot). The bus ride is 3 hours long. The MCRD is only 10 minutes from the airport though. The stress levels are induced even before you arrive on the yellow feet.

K had a hard time yesterday. Lots of emotions connected to the first child leaving the nest. I even felt a bit sick in my stomach for awhile. I think feasting on a delicious array of appetizers and food at Kenny's 50th birthday party the night before, combined with some internalized stress almost made me puke. However watching the complete banality of Gremlins 2 while waiting for the recruiter calmed my stomach. Kt and Ike were good too. Kt cried when he was about to leave and if you could appreciate that I'm not sure Z has ever told Kt he loved her but he did and he gave her a hug. That is not normal behavior for Z and it meant a lot to Kt. I'm pretty sure it will be strange to be a 4 person family now.

Kt's Cross Country meet was cancelled on Saturday from the rain. How lame is that. If there is a foot of standing water in a run through it. There is nothing cooler than drenched muddied CC runners. Well except when they are sitting in your car. So that only left me with Ike's football game.

The football game was very interesting. The score was almost exactly the same as last week however there was a significant change. The first half was very much a repeat of last week. The O-line was on estrogen and we only had negative yardage. The second half however..whatever they said seemed to inspire the troops. It was like the defense went wild and was getting sacks and awesome stops. Ike got two tackles. The defense kept Sussex scoreless the second half. But most significantly the O-line started to block some. Next important was that Ike was in at running back and was given the ball and was the first back with positive yardage. In our first possession he got 3 yards, then 5 yards and then scored on a 30 yard run. He also scored the extra point with a run in. In the next posession we had, he also got the first 1st down of the game for the Vikings. In two of his carries he had 5 guys on him but he never went down. So after the "no offense for being late" situation last week, he came out pretty strong in his first showing at running back. If he had played offense the first half of the game though I'm not sure he would have been so successful. You still need a hole to go through and an O-line to create it. So I think the team learned some good lessons. They won the second half of the game by being aggressive. Lets see if that can carry through to next week against Waukesha North. I think what really helped was all the good Lutheran parents yelling at the team to kill, maim, and hurt.

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