Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zach Update

Katie and Zach on the Beach in front of Zach's Barracks.
Zach has classed up with the second phase of his training. It is a 4 week piece of training. After that he has two more phases. One is 16 weeks and if he does well and gets what he wants there will be an additional section that is 10 weeks long. So either in November or February he will get his Permanent Duty Station. He did get his desired “I” strand training section. There is also an “O” strand. Basically the difference will be that “O” strand folk work “Outside” or at least directly on the planes and helicopters. They diagnose the issues and replace faulty parts and radar equipment. The “I” strand or “Inside” people sit in their little boxes and fix the issues with those
faulty parts. It requires a higher level of technical competence and intricate electronics knowledge. The O strand requires more diagnostic and knowledge of integration etc… different flavors I guess.

Zach loves Pensacola. The base and the weather and being on the ocean. He has it pretty cushy there. Four of his friends from Muskego are heading down as well this week. They actually are flying down within hours of Kt on the same airline but they are on slightly different routes. Kt flies through Atlanta to Pensacola and they are going through Memphis. Kt gets there an hour and a half later. So from Thursday through next Monday Zach will have plenty of company and hyperness with those 4 girls. Kt will be off with Phil so I don’t think she’ll be too involved in their gatherings.

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Katie said...

I was right. No cacidhe. It's just the cool girls n the boys we're pretty pumped. Rick invited me to hang out with then the other night but it was already midnight n I didn't feel like paying for any more taxis.