Wednesday, June 17, 2009



20 years ago today we were married. Back then we had a lot of plans. We spent a good chunk of our time of our 4.5 years of dating contemplating the future. We made so many plans sitting on the shores of the lake or behind Lafollette High School. So many plans…

We planned to get married when I was done with college. We got married before my senior year.

We planned to wait a few years to start having kids. We waited 4 months to get started.

We planned I would teach high school. I ended up in software development.

We planned you would stay home with the kids. You ended up in a career you enjoy and are successful.

We planned to settle down in Wisconsin close to home. We lived in 3 states and 14-16 houses.

We planned to live in a nice house in the suburbs with two nice cars, two kids and a dog. We ended up in the city with 4 old cars, 3 kids and 6 cats.

We planned to have a long life free of trials and tribulations. We ended up having several marital disasters and financial messes that would make a politician blush.

We planned to be skinny all our lives. We are not.

We plan our meals for the week. By Wednesday, they are shot.

I have never been so grateful than for so many “failures.” We got married with nothing and we learned that each other was all we needed. God gave us that beautiful boy without a clue what to do with him. God led me away from teaching and into a career that suits my interests and talents much better. You had some time to stay home with the kids but you also got a chance to develop a successful career. Despite 3 robberies, a leaky roof and a leaky basement we do have a home that we are not a slave to. Look at the adventure our 4 cars with a combined mileage of 700,000 miles give us nearly every week. Our cats each contribute their little piece of life every day. We have 3 great kids, the Marine, the Princess, and…umm..the little philippino kid…(mental note…Ike needs a stereotype) none of whom we could live without. Our marital issues and financial messes have made us stronger, more forgiving, more empathetic, more understanding, and more appreciative of what we do actually have. Umm…There is more of us to love and when our meal planning is shot the upside is that we get to have pizza.

I am thankful to God that he has lead us these last 20 years. There was one plan we made at our wedding. That was to keep Jesus a part of our life to the end. So far that is the only plan that has succeeded. Funny how that works. I think you know that one single plan was the key to the success of our life together despite the “failure” of so many plans. Every bad thing that has occurred has been turned to good. I look forward to another 40 – 50 years of failed plans with you. At least that’s the plan.

Love You With All My Heart


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