Monday, June 15, 2009

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So after a week absence I am back. I spent my bachelor week last week enmeshed in a problem with a project at work. I inherited another guy’s code and it was full of errors. Finally I scrapped a lot of it and rewrote it the right way. I worked like 7:00am – 7:00pm almost every day. Woo hoo party time. Then I was so tired I didn’t feel like doing anything else. I certainly didn’t get K’s office cleaned out and painted…or the garage cleaned or any of that good stuff

The highlight of the week was going to get 4 pizza’s for the week, a box of twinkies, two bags of buffalo wings and a tub of cookie dough. I call them…meals for men. We didn’t even eat all that stuff but it sure seemed like a good idea. One night I didn’t eat dinner and another we went to Applebees. So yeah Ike and I are pretty much dorks.

Ike joined a Mixed Martial Arts/ Muay Tay Kickboxing club. It is an open membership so he can show up for as many sessions as he can handle. It is one of the best if not the best MMA clubs in Milwaukee and highly regarded in the midwest. There are a few UFC fighters from this club. All the skills are good for other sports. I hope he enjoys it. The wrestling coach at Wisco is already recruiting. If Ike does enough juijitsu that coach will be drooling.

We also picked up a new bike so he can get around. Ike picked himself up a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago too. She's a nice girl from St. John's Tosa.

Katie got back from Florida today. She is still a little rambunctious. She is high on Phil. Phil is coming up here for the July 4th weekend with Zach. I'm sure our house will be filled up again with Zach's old crew. yay :-/. It will be nice to have him home though. I'm not sure he has thought about the fact that he only has a couch to sleep on now. The rest of the family won't have seen him for 6-7 months.

Karen had a great week in IA. She did not get tturned into a flaming atheistic liberal in her Critical Thinking class. Rather Iowa sports a rather conservative crowd and she found it quite enjoyable. The professor was excellent. The group bonded very well and went out for some meals together. Sounds like something Karen will want to repeat.

This last weekend we went to a baptism party on Sunday for Karen's cousin's baby. We also went to my cousin and my uncle's 50th and 80th birthday party. Nice to see old faces....wait...faces that we have not seen in awhile.

Hopefully by the end of this week things will be calm and boring as usual.

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What a cute n schnazzy picture =] They are adorable.