Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Update

Ahh the end of the school year. Kt is done in two days and Ike is done in a week and half. Unlike the common reaction of summer vacation for parents, I cannot wait for summer vacation to start. First of all I get to start riding my bike back and forth to work. Since Ike is a wussy and won’t bike with me the 9 miles each way to St. Marcus during the school year I have to wait for the summer to be able to ride. As it is, Ike has summer school for 5 weeks as well and he just may find himself riding bike after all. I consider it football cardio training. It is just nice that the kids can be off doing their own things and I usually get a lot of work done at work because I have total flexibility. Ike is getting comfortable with the bus concept as well. Ahhhhh.

Kt goes to Florida in a week. She will be there 10 days visiting her boy, Phil, and her brother too I suppose. She is very excited. She has enough excitement that if you were lacking some...she has some to spare. It would appear that in July Phil will be flying up to visit for a day or two and then taking Kt to meet his family in Washington. I'm guessing Kt will be excited... After that Phil will get his permanent duty station as an Air Traffic Controller. He could end up who knows where at some Marine Air base. I'm guessing Kt will hope for a base in the lower 48 as frequent trips to Hawaii or Okinawa are not in her budget. I'm sure eventully he'll get a deployment to Afghanistan and be an ATC at some remote air strip. A challenging relationship to maintain to say the least as really any military relationship is. We'll see how it goes and I will wish them luck. Tucker (as marines do not go by their first names!!) seems like a really nice guy. He is chivalrous, old fashioned, and is a gentleman. He seems to put Kt 1st in his life and has been darn right dedicated. All good things...and since it has been a long time since a guy has been that honorable with Kt I am happy about it. So far its all been through the phone too except for a couple of short visits during Easter. Something they will need to get real comfortable with.
Have a great week all!!

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