Tuesday, April 21, 2009

C&C Junior Leader

Similar to Miss California, I too have been designated with a dubious distinction due to holding views different from an eccentric and biased judge. I have been nominated as a Church and Change (C&C) Junior Leader. Greg Jackson gave me this honor on his blog and I have been so moved as to write this acceptance blog.

In response I have had two awards commissioned. I can't really decide which one I like more. They each have merit. Not only that, they are original artwork by the Ventosus Veritas graphics staff. If you are a C&C Junior Leader you can have one too.

I won this distinction by posting thoughts, comments and criticisms about those who would pervert the Gospel and confound believers with the scourge of the law and their man made rules and opinions that lie far from scripture. This apparently lumps me in a group called Church and Change which is an organization of mostly lay people but also pastors and staff ministers and such from the WELS who have gathered together to share innovative church programs, ideas, worship materials and such.

I of course get a hoot out of that as I have only joined the C&C Listserv about 3 months ago and have never once posted there. I also don't really know any C&C people and I'm guessing they don't know me. I've met a few of the frequently noted people with a polite hello and introduction but beyond that I'm just a guy who does technology in a small mission church who writes a virtually unread blog.

So in one sense it is sad. Those who were nominated as Senior leaders don't know who I am and if anyone asked a true C&C'r about my Junior Leader status they would not know me either. On the other hand. I am officially a Junior Leader by a "credible" rating blog resource and I'm just hoping I don't get drunk with power. Watch out C&C, here I come.


Anonymous said...

Darn it, Tim. If I had known this I never would have pulled my blog. I would have posted a nice picture of myself so I too could have made it on the Ichabod Blog of Fame. Not only that, I have WAY more experience than you. I've been on the C&C listserv for over six years now; made countless posts to the list and even had them lifted by the infamous one and posted on his own blog. No respect I say. And then to top it off; being a part of TWO apostate church launches with a third one waiting in the wings where I live. I hate you.

Joe K.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

It's all being in the right place at the right time. As you know being right or wrong has never been part of the equation. I will serve as the Manchurian Candidate for now. Slowly my secret tentacles of power will take over everything.

Keep up the good work. I'll keep my eyes open for some movie theater real estate speculation.


CLJ711 said...

You also got to have your own "VV graphic's staff". Who reeeeeally has the power?? :-)

(OOoo. Just realized I have a horned beast for my ID pic right now... hmmm...)

Tim Niedfeldt said...

If the blogging world only knew how much trouble you cause. I really am the Manchurian Candidate. A mere puppet on a string doing the will of those who want their graphics to be on display across the confessional Lutheran world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Congrats on the status upgrade. You are now a someone of note in the pew. Wait your church doesn't have pews... but that's ok Greg's church doesn't either. Come to think of it you don't have an off-key singer and an emotionless computerized organ to lead your music. And you call that church? For shame! :)

P.S. I'm hoping Greg picks up this post for Ichabod so I can get my own funky cat or baby picture.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

I wouldn't count on that happening. Greg doesn't like to post sarcasm or criticism.

karen said...

I like both badges - they could each be used for different purposes. The 'honorable' one for any 'official' duties, and the 'fun' one for the more laid back events...maybe Hallepalooza?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

I love my wife! :-D

CLJ711 said...

ooh! I love your wife, too! :)

PS to Anonymous: Not only does Greg not like to post (other people's) sarcasm or criticism, he can't handle (to post) the truth when it's told him either. (I feel a bit like Jack Nicholson now...)

Anonymous said...

I prefer to remain anonymous so that I can simply walk away without having Greg follow me, or enabling him to slam me in absentia. I have more things to do than fight battles with him, tying up time and energy. Scripture says something about warning a dividing personality about their destructive tone ... and finally having nothing to do with them. I feel that way about St. Greg and St. Brett from Ichabod. Maybe all of this mud throwing will cease when your tentacles of power finally overcome all, Tim. I enjoy your blog and comments. Have a great spring day!

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Thanks for the support. I know that I take an opposite approach in that I am always interested in what he might conjure up. The more he speaks the more transparent his personal agenda becomes. The more "facts" he puts out there only serve as the evidence of the absurdity. I am waiting for the day to meet someone who says, "Oh yeah, I heard about you...you're the one who stomped on the Bible and supports baby sacrafices. I heard about it on Ichabod"

Its also pretty obvious in one respect that Greg and I are the same in that we are both asses at times and we care hardly at all about what others think of us. It is a necessary quality for opinionated bloggers. I can't even remember the last time something in the blogosphere actually upset me. I just get that little urge inside that says, "Game on!"

On the otherhand, how we differ is in how we approach the issues of the day. Despite my sarcastic edge I have transformed my life from the brim of destruction and learned from it and have developed so much empathy for those who have suffered.

I still have a tendency to make a snap opinion of someone but I don't take anger out on them and after listening and observing someone I often change my opinions...I usually can accept them as they are because I can see what events and the psychology that created the person I'm dealing with. You can accept a lot of unlovable people by understanding this.

How could I judge? got an "ism"..so do I called workaholism. Worshipped idols..me too, money and success were mine..what's yours? Marriage on the verge of collapse? Is this the 1st collapse or the 2nd for you? Made bad financial decisions...yeah I'm still paying for mine too. etc..

It gives a new perspective on the world and explains why I'm in a church that is designed to reach the unchurched. To some degree, despite 15 years of formal Lutheran education and a good 30years of extra bible study and church activity of some sort, I feel a lot more like those unchurched people. We have the same sin of life affecting us and satan wages his battle no matter how traditional, confessional and holier than thou we can be in the WELS.

So my experience is different from Greg. I suspect he has not had an opportunity to be humbled yet in life. It is easy to condemn...well almost anything it appears...when you sit on high upon your manmade mound of "perfection". Thats where satan wants you to be. Then he has a partner to help bring other's down.

So that was long answer to no apparent question at all. However it seems like a good way to fill my last hour at work on this beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Life has humbled, Greg. He has endured the passing of children (if I remember correctly) and his wife's health issues. In addition, rightly or wrongly (I won't judge what I don't know), he has removed himself from many places where he was once considered a brother. At first, I thought his spirit had become embittered through these events (I'm sure the stings remain), but am convinced he sincerely believes that everyone else is wrong and amuses himself with his "cleverness" as he pokes those deemed to be false teachers with his theological "superiority." Your title of "Crusader" fits him well.

That said ... all of us are clay and become the complex creations that our many experiences mark as life's wheel spins. It sure is a wonderful thing that the Master's sure hands are there to smooth everything with the forgiveness purchased on the tree and grasped by faith.

Anonymous said...

Hi Church & Change Jr. Leader,

I had to smile today. I left Greg a comment that he didn't see fit to post. I took the time to view a few of his video services (didn't wait long enough to see if he would pass the plate to himself) and found out that I was the first to have viewed many of his "Church Beyond Left Field" videocasts. Not even his ardent followers find time to stop in for his services. I told him not to be concerned about numbers, however. Scripture speaks of "two or three gathered," and I reminded him he made it -- if he counted himself, his wife and his dog.

Strange he didn't see fit to post my comment. Oh well, I think most people are bright enough to see Oz behind the curtain for the small-minded, misguided, and mean-spirit that he is.

Oh, I also said I think his evil twin is Brett (but in this instance they are both evil).

Best wishes from someone who one day aspires to wear your very handsome badge of honor.

Have a great week and keep looking up.

Anonymous said...

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