Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun Times

I haven't updated anyone recently on the the family except for our trip to FL.

This last weekend was fun. On Saturday we went to go see STOMP. We had seen this almost 10 years ago in Boston. It is still just as good. That was our last show for this theater season. Very sad..Next year's season will prove to be smaller "due to the economy". I do enjoy this activity a great deal. Add on the NML sponsored theater season and the tickets we get for those productions. I definitely know one activity I will want to pursue in retirement....lots of shows, musicals and concerts.

We stayed in Madison overnight and went to church with Gma and Gpa S. Later on, Kt and Ike came out to Madison too after going to Victory for church. We had our 1 week late Easter with Mom and Dad S. since we were in FL for actual Easter. A scrumptious dinner followed by a raucous game of dominos.

Ike started track at St.Marcus a couple of weeks ago. He only has a couple of meets. I am coaching that. Last night I joined in a 50 meter dash against some kid at practice and managed to partially tear my achilles tendon. Now I am a hobbling gimpy. I won that race...or did I. This will take some time to heal. I walked about 50 yards to the other building and back and was just about crying for the throbbing in my heal. I guess the fate of my achilles is sealed. I have had a good deal of tendonitis on this same heal and calcification from previous CC and track seasons which I thought had been healed after a year of staying off of it. I guess not. I'm guessing sprinting will never be attempted again.

Kt was in track but has decided to secede. Too much contention and difficulties with the Seniors and their non-committed leadership. She already appears much happier and pleasant to be around. Part of that is probably related to being free from boys for awhile. She has been happy enough in her long distance relationships that are not called relationships but are.

Karen has been plowing through her Statistics class. A noticeable difference between that and the previous English class. She takes up Ethics for a 3 credit class in one week in June. She is actually going to go to her campus in Lafayette, IA and take it on campus. At least she can say she was there once.

Victory is moving in two weeks to the Showtime Cinema. I'm pretty excited about that. I definitely have some things to do to be ready. It should be a LOT more pleasant worship environment.

I have definitely been following politics a lot more. Apparently I was too happy being apathetic and needed a kick in the ass every day to bring me down.

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