Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry

He has been in the news more and more. You can be assured that I will be following him very closely. His words are pleasing to my ears.

I'll tell you in traveling to south last week, I can't tell you how pleasing of a political environment it was compared to the socialist republic of Wisconsin.

Keep an eye on Rick Perry. 3 years from now I suspect he will be a big name.


Anonymous said...

There is talk of secession 'round these parts once again. There was an email someone sent me awhile back how Texans would get along just fine without the rest of the USA. It was funny and yet ironically true. I remember seeing that the GNP of Texas was in the top ten in the world a couple years back.

God Bless Texas!


Tim Niedfeldt said...

I don't doubt it for a second. As I mentioned on Rick Perry's Facebook page..If they secede...let me back in before they build the fence.

Only this time I would not settle in Dallas. That was just boring. I'm sure I'd settle down your way. My wife loved TX and didn't want to leave to head to New England when we did. I'm sure I could snag her interest.

So other than well-paying, secure jobs, I think we have everything we need to emigrate.