Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend Update

There wasn't too much to report about this weekend but thre was some family items of note. Friday was Kt's "big" meet where Wisco hosts one of the largest CC races in the state (nearly 900 runners) She did very well coming in 4th for the team and bringing her time down by 1:15. Her time is now where it was last season. Of course she only has two races left I believe. She was very happy and I could see her doing well. The thing is she always has those good races inside of her she just needs to know they are there.

Friday night was the Wisco Homecoming game. We beat West Bend West 51-21. It was fun to watch. Wisco really needs to play in a tougher conference. They are all Division 1 schools but they are div 1 schools that suck.

After the game Ike had some friends over. Through his good friend Nick, who is formerly of St. Paul's and now a freshmen at New Berlin Eisenhower, he has also met some additional friends who all go to Wisco as freshmen. They all came over for a homecoming party. It was small but they had fun. A beginning of a new much for the peace and quiet of the departure of Z's friends from our home.

Saturday Ike had Saturday School. He was thrilled of course. After that him and I headed to Fort Atkinson to attend a suprise party for my brother's 25th wedding anniversary. We had fun talking to cousins I hadn't seen in probably 10 years. I gave their children all kinds of great advice. They will be deprogramming them for a few days I'm sure. Ike also kept them entertained. Katie was working on Saturday and then went to help baby sit the twins. Karen was off at book club.

Sunday was truly uneventful unless you count mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, doing laundry and watching parts of the Packer game. Katie had Dexter over , Ike just did homework and was a vidiot all day.

I think that covers our exciting weekend. WOW!


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