Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Home for Crusaders?

I think I have found a home for those confessional crusaders who are still wringing their hands over contemporary worship. In Zach's letter (actually he wrote his letter in the bulletin) was the bulletin from the "Lutheran Services" held on the MCRD base in San Diego. It was right out of Luther's handbook. They had a nice prcessional and recessional as well as all the liturgy and some classic hymns. The bulletin cover even said "A Mighty Fortress" with a picture of the Wartburg on it. Based on the play book this chaplain did it all exactly right. Just trade in your CW for LBW and join the Marines and you too can be a part of true Lutheranism.

We have been studying Acts for bible study this year at church. Every single week as I read more I have to wonder what the crusaders are crusading for. Every week they sound more and more like the jews in the local synagogues that often wanted to stone Paul or such for their message. I'm not sure how one could read Acts and then Ephesians and still have such a narrow idea of personal ministry.

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