Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend - 10-26-2008

Well its a cold dreary night outside but it was still a great weekend I guess. Let's back up a little to see why.

Thursday Kt had her last CC meet of the season. She did pretty well. Her time was 20 seconds better than the last meet and her place was just a couple off from last year. A fine end to the season. Now if she could keep up the fortitude during the off season.

After her meet was the last regular season game for Wisco FB. We played Oconomowoc with our second string and even some 3rd string and still beat them 42-19. It was neat because the 4 Sgt's from Zach's Recruiting Sub-station did the colorgard for the National Anthem. Here is a picture:

Zach's Recruiter is the short guy on the right. He still could throw me across the room. He is a really great guy. The Marines still have the best dress uniforms ever.

Speaking of Zach. We have gotten a number of letters from him. I think he is feeling the stress a bit now. He is not fond of Camp Pendleton and its deserty red dust. He is still very determined and is doing well with his scores and accomplishments but you can tell his resolve for handling the DI's is under stress. His biggest comment is that "It keeps getting harder and harder..." Well I think things will improve by the end of phase two in two weeks. He has already mentioned the Rifle instructors are more laid back and he likes that. Also this Thursday is halfway day. Well for me at least the time is going fast.

On Saturday I went on an adventure to get my phone fixed. It was cutting out every other second making conversations a bit impossible. I ended up sending my Blackberry back to RIM for a replacement. When the new one comes back K will get it. I got myself an even better phone. A samsung Epic. This phone is awesome. It has Wi-fi, Windows Mobile, Windows Media Player, touch screen and mouse thing as well as a stylus. It syncs up great with work stuff. It has lots of things to figure out and also some tricks to make sure it is not sitting there draining power really fast. It does seem like my pocket will stop dialing people randomly though.

After that Karen and I went to Madison to the Overature Center for the first show of the season. We saw the Broadway show Ave. Q. Very inappropriate. very funny though. We had a fabulous dinner at K's parents.

Today, after church, we went to a large college fair at the Midwest Airlines Center. College is expensive I've determined. I'm all for 1st Lt. Niedfeldt completing college somewhere.

Today I completed my first assignment for my first class of my masters. So far so good.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting it all in perspective. I'm going to stop blogging pretty much. My time is better spent on other things. But if you don't mind, I'm going to post it on r and r church; kind of a 'first farewell tour' thing.

Blessings to you!
Joe K