Monday, October 6, 2008

The First Letter

We got the first letter from Zach. He is doing really well it seems. His letter had a positive tone and his platoon is working hard to be the honor platoon. As you might expect from him he had extensive commentary on the food. It is decent sized helpings and reasonably ok but somewhat bland. He is actually trying to pick healthy food....this of course was a shocker. He even is eating fruit. If Zach can eat fruit the republicans can still win the election. However it would seem that in the time they have to talk amongst themselves, many of them fantasize about Taco Bell, frozen pizza, caffeine and video games. He mentioned how he has 7 seconds to get out of bed and up 5 feet to the line. Now in all the time I've known Z he has barely moved an eye muscle in 7 seconds not to mention get out of bed. So change is underfoot and Z is dealing with it. I was pretty happy to hear that. There is some pride in his accomplishments already. 10 weeks to go.

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