Monday, October 20, 2008

Week in review 10/20/2008

So an uninteresting week. I'm not sure there was too much noteworthy. Ike started his first job on Saturday at the roller rink. Katie worked all weekend. Karen went to Prairie Du Chien with her parents for a two day leaf peeper hike along the bluffs of the Mississippi.

I stayed home and worked on Victory's latest website upgrade. I'm long overdue in putting up a content management system for the Victory website. Well its almost complete and you can look for it this week. I implemented a .NET/C# wiki based technology for collaborative web work among members. It has a lot of sweet functionality. It positively tickles my geek bone. Just wait until I get the WAP (Cell phone internet) part of the site going. I will one day succeed at being the most technologically advanced WELS website. Just wait until I get the silverlight presentations going.

I was excited by the Packers win this weekend. I want Rodgers record to be better than Favre's this year. Wisco won handily but at a possible loss of their QB for the rest of the season. Since The team is ranked 4th in the state overall and 1st in the medium sized schools it might make the ride to the State championship game a little more interesting. However, this years team is a lot more than about one person. It is a team where no small group of superstars stand out but they are rolling over their opponents.

We got some letters from Zach. He still focuses on the blandness of the food, the increasing levels of workouts and "Incentive training", as well as the just general difficulty of it all. His attitude is still positive though as he says despite the hardness he is getting stronger and promises to break Ike apart when he comes home. That is love! He is doing two weeks of rifle work now and I expect he will feel a whole lot better about things.

Here is a good picture of Katie and Ike at least as they were all dressed up for our friends wedding.

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