Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Update

We had a decent visit with Zach when he came home on the 4th of July. He was off with his friends for a good chunk of the time but we did snag him for almost 24 hours. He is back in Pensacola of course continuing his schooling. He will go in this section of training until mid-September. After that it’s a bit unclear. He will go to C-School in a very specific job training function but it is unclear as to whether he will stay in Pensacola or possibly go to Biloxi. He won’t find that out until the beginning of September. Zach has been a little incommunicado due to the recent suicide of his iPhone. Apparently barracks hijinx caused the iPhone to dive into the toilet. Zach also moved barracks to the “601” Barracks. He is not happy about that move. It is far away from the “downtown” of the base, does not seem to have as many amenities, and the Chow hall that is close to it is closed on the weekends. Poor Marine….he is going to have to hoof it a little more. He also doesn’t like that they put 4 to a room there as opposed to the H barracks where there were only 3.

Kt is in Washington State with Phil as of yesterday. It is surprising how quiet that makes our house. Kt so far has said the in-laws are a fun bunch. Of course that is if she can even notice they are around when Phil is there. Kt comes home August 3rd. Phil leaves his home to go to Camp Pendleton in CA on the 4th. Want to guess where Kt will want to go for Xmas?? Well that is if Phil doesn’t come to WI of course.

Ike is well…He stays up until 3:00am. Wakes up at 11 or noon. Veg’s around for awhile. Goes to Muay Tay. And when evening kicks in he goes to girl’s houses. I think that defines his whole summer. However in two weeks he will be at Football practice a lot. Yayyy.

Karen and I will be hopping out to NH in a bit for a brief visit. That should be a blast. Everytime we leave NH we push the “pause” button with our friends and then when we return we hit “resume” It makes me sad sometimes. If I were independently wealthy and didn’t need these silly things we call jobs I would love to be settled in New England on a mountain…or even better a mountain lake with a ski hill. It probably doesn’t even need to be New England..but a mountain lake with a ski hill attached…anywhere would probably be nice.

Karen has been singing with the Victory Band for a little while now and will be contributing to the Hallepalooza event this Sunday in Franklin. I'm glad she's back at it.

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Cheryl Louise Johnson said...

hey, where's the "like" button? :-)

and of course we've got that - a lake looking at a ski mountain and the ski mountain overlooking the lake. Maybe we can hike up there (or ride the chairlift) when you are here to look at the lake... or we can sit on the boat in the middle of the lake and look at the mountain.

Maybe we'll just lock you both in the apartment over the garage and not let you go home.

Can't wait to see you guys. :-)