Friday, February 26, 2010

On Contemporary Lutheranism

In terms of contemporary Lutheranism there is nothing new out there to speak too. I am still working on my installment on Worship. It is taking longer because I am researching more on it all. As to the Ichabodians and various crusaders I have not seen anything new. Pretty much the same slander, same doctrinal errors, same blather. I’m sure if I kept a good cut and paste library of responses it could suffice for anything “new” from that crowd. So unless the confessional "kittehs" cough up a hairball they do tend to bore me.


Anonymous said...

+2 on boring and repetitive regarding the Ichabod and his minions. Oh did you see though? I made Ichabod again. I retired from blogging this time for good. As someone famous once said "Nothing is new under the sun." It's funny...Jackson criticized me for blogging and following his blog. Last week I get criticized for going away and not blogging. Go figure. I really do think he is nuts.


Tim Niedfeldt said...

Soon you'll have more retirements than Favre.