Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Zach Update

Zach got his orders today.  His Permanent Duty Station (PDS) will be MCAS New River, NC.  This is just outside of Jacksonville, NC.  NC was not his first choice...I think due to the climate and hickishness of the area.  However it seems to be a decent command to work under.  He will be in the:

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 26

Marine Aircraft Group 26
2d Marine Aircraft Wing

Website for his command

Website for the base

The best part of it though is that he gets to be in the same unit as his best friend Ricky who he joined the Marines with in the first place.  I'm sure they will be happy to be together as well as their girlfriends can travel together from Muskego to visit them there.


Jan said...

Hickishness?? Did you have any diversity training?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Actually no I haven't. Everything I learned, I learned from my parents. ;-) However I did not say Rednecks or Hillbillies so that is pretty good.

Anonymous said...


Did you ever engage in debate with DK?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

I have on occasion back in the day of the exceedingly active Bailing Water days. DK came around near when BW was winding down so we did not engage too much. Specifically we have not engaged back and forth all that much but more of commenting on the same subjects. BW wound down because honestly I don't think there was any topic that was new..most arguments could've been cut and paste from previous ones.

Although DK has fallen in with Jackson's faulty SJO beliefs, there were several topics (such as the ranking of the confessions in authority of the Lutheran Church) where we were nearly identical. It was amusing at times to see people on BW beat him up the same way they'd beat me up particularly since they were his "own people" in opposing me.

So I guess I'm not sure how thorough our "debate" has been but we have sparred on a topic or two. He is one of the few people I respect from "the opposition" in that we can actually go back and forth and not worry about personality or cry about who said what. He likes the debate and we could probably get together and have a few beers discussing the topics of the day and not be "haters". I find that hard to achieve as many of these "debates" become emotional out in the blogosphere...and for that matter in my own household. That's where debates become "fights" and spirited debate is "yelling" at least according to my children.