Monday, December 21, 2009

You Sly Dog

I found this old photo of my good friend G-dawg hangin tight with Mariqueen. Smokin!! I'd be smiling too.


Anonymous said...

G-dawg...stay classy!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is one mean insurance guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim

You've broken the eighth commandment by posting this photoshopped picture. Ski actually went to great lengths to pose with this playboy bunny and then posted it on a public site. Ski wanted it to be seen.

By placing Jackson's face in the picture you're shaming someone who wouldn't be caught dead with a playboy model.
Of course you won't print this comment publicly--your kind can't afford to have an opposing view publicized.

Typical liberal scum you are

Anonymous said...

Oh... and your blog sucks

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Thank you. I think you just made my day! That was just too easy.

Photoshopping heads on other people's bodies or just using them all over the place hundreds of times isn't a sin is it? That'd be crazy. Why it would almost be as if you were saying its a sin to use someone's likeness in an unflattering a way they wouldn't like it to be used. Perhaps there's a loophole? Say it ain't so!! If only there was an expert out there I could consult on a matter like this.

I am quite certain that Greg does not know the meaning of shame nor is he shamed in this instance. As a matter of fact, I think he probably rather enjoys it. If he is so shamed by it, he can email me..he's got the address. I'd be happy to take it down if he asked me to. ( ...just in case)

As an FYI, I publish every comment no matter what one says regardless of foul language used or topic addressed. This is the blogosphere and the blogosphere is not for pussies. Unlike others, I love to print everything in its entirety. I'm quite sorry but I disagree. I think those with opposing views should all be saying there say. It's the Libertarian in me.

Well I won't be getting your vote for a Webbie then will I. Shucks. I guess that means I'm a failblog. HA!

Anonymous said...

Someone complaining about Greg Jackson's head being photo-shopped? Considering the content of his blog and what he passes off as just "humor" or "sarcasm," to complain when someone does the same with his image is just unbelievable! I hope your cyber-chider took the time to send a similar email complaint to his favorite insurance agent! Where is a LOLcat when you need one?! :)

Cheryl Louise Johnson said...

wow. you got mail on this one! lol! ha ha
ha aha ahhhhhhaaa
hey. You made my day with this one!

PS - dot forget if you need a partner in crime: Got Photoshop, will travel!
PSS - YOU and the word LIBERAL in the same sentence. hahahahaha... **walking away laughing** hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious. It is amazing the reaction you get when the shoe is on the other foot. I nominate "You Sly Dog" as your best post of the year.