Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silly Greg

Talk about tedious. Let's see if I can simplify this for you. Our interactions with you could be one of two things. Either I:

1) am a buffoon who, whenever stung by some biting "satire", must scurry around in my childish antics to try and cobble a weak defense against the masterful wit and scholarly acumen of the great Greg. Pledged to be the defender of all things C&C yet somehow I just can't manage to put a defense together as the world laughs at me.


2) I think you are a loon. a guy who thinks your carefully thought out research is laughable when you compare it to the likes of a serious scholar like Freddy Finkelstein. A guy who thinks your massive ego and profound love of self causes you to sit in your little world and take yourself way too seriously. A guy who gives you no respect or credibility. To take advantage of the season I'd say you were a Mr. Potter from "Its a Wonderful Life"

It could be number one but it is more likely number two. See you attribute such lofty goals to me yet basically all I do on a given day is decide, "Hey, let's stir up the old loon and see what we can get him to say." Oh indeed my motives are childish and harkin back to the day of picking on the weird kid in school. I'll admit that playing with you is a lot like giving a dog a beer just to see what happens.

So you can decide which one you think is my actual attitude yet I know you won't publish the actual truth so I will sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the next bit of wisdom you do publish. I learn so much about myself.


Anonymous said...

you are a very silly person. The kind we don't need.

Eastbrook already exists for losers like you

Cheryl Louise Johnson said...

#2... he he ... you said "#2" ...

the world needs more silly people. Silly people who are not afraid to point out the absurdities in the world and of the world. Silly people who will stand up and say there are no "winners" no "losers" but just a bunch of kindergardeners playing a game called life.

If nothing else, this is one big lesson in human nature, to observe people's reaction... especially what people will say when they are "anonymous".

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Ahh Cheryl, It's almost as if you know me. I believe your observations are excellent. I believe I have shared my Ant Farm analogy with you before and indeed this is my little ant farm.

I don't think Ichabodians actually understand that someone could simply use their noble cause as a source of amusement and observation of human nature. They are a very serious lot why with all the driving out of the money changers, the demons, and calling for repentance in the desert.

Fun stuff!!

Anonymous said...

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