Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Explanation

There are times when I play blogging games where I just let the game play out without explanation of my intentions or motivations. I could let the entry below this one just stand with no explanation, but I decided that I would expound on it. It is hard to believe that Greg would make a wrong assumption as to my intentions, I know, let’s just take a minute to absorb the impact of that statement. There, now we can move on.

Greg divined that my intention was to defend Church and Change or more specifically two pastors (“Ski” and Glende) who have public photos out there posing with various stars. I got that from this statement, “They have jumped in to defend Glende and Ski by putting my face on Ski's pose with the Playboy model/alleged singer,…” and this one, “Someone has to defend the Chicaneries. Why not us?” which was a label underneath the now infamous trademark photoshop of Beavis and Butthead with Joe’s and my initials (Yes, I actually enjoy the sarcastic image…yet unfortunately I have forgotten, yet again, which one I am. )

I just want to state my actual intention for Greg. It is not to defend anything. I didn’t have one thought about Church and Change and actually don’t see how anything about C&C is relevant unless I’m missing a “seven steps to Kevin Bacon” moment here. I don’t know Glende or Ski and I won’t defend someone I don’t know. Of course I won’t condemn someone I don’t know either. My simple intention was to point out the hypocrisy and double standard of the concept of photoshopping people’s photo’s. One of Greg’s avid supporters so wonderfully provided the exact response I expected and it was just too wonderful complete with and 8th commandment callout. Greg provides all the rationale and justification on his very own blog for creating as many photoshopped images of him as I feel I want to create.

For the record, my Facebook photos are open to everyone too and I have hundreds of photo’s out there in over 20 albums. Few are actually of me since I tend to be on the other side of the camera but perhaps this week at Christmas I will try to get more of me out there for photoshopping opportunities. However, don’t be shy Greg. If you ask to be my friend in Facebook I will gladly accept. It will be just that much easier for you to get through all those photos. Actually I have a ton of pictures of my cats that I need to get up there. I bet you could use those.

The second point of Greg’s analysis I wanted to respond to was the statement, “I can see why these two get upset over my posts..” I don’t think I get upset by your posts. I’d say amused captures my true emotion. You know the saying, "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." I’d have to say that is my approach to the Ichablog. The more Greg says…well the harder it is to take it seriously. So after some time reading it, I don’t get too excited about what is said anymore. Those who are maligned there daily should not be too upset about what is said either. More important is to note the hypocrisy and inaccuracy that forms the substance of the daily accusations, and slander. Reasonable men, I believe, see right through this and move on. A court of law wouldn't touch such hearsay and conjecture so why would we give it anymore credence than that. Basically it renders the his credibility as shot...even if there is a point or two here and there are accurate and even poignant. That’s the point where it all just becomes humorous. I think you could characterize Greg's hypocrisy as, “The injury we do and the one we suffer are not weighed in the same scales."

Lastly, Greg is right about one thing. I can have a church website, complete with podcasting, multimedia streaming, complete database interactivity, and a full array of content up in only a few hours. Give me a call if you are interested. I host WELS related websites for free. Think about it.

Gratuitous photo of my cat in a box. I believe he is saying, "I am an ebil Confessional Crusader Kitteh. I sit in a very small box and slander you!!"


LutherRocks said...

You're such a butthead, Beavis. Oh...wait...I'm Butthead.

Nice post. I'm going to go about being a more reasonable man now.

I need to look you up next time I'm in Milwaukee.

Merry Christmas, Tim, to you and yours.


Cheryl Louise Johnson said...

Seriously, does anyone actually pay attention to his blog or even care any more?

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Actually yes, they do. He is being read more and more. Whereas until recently he was relatively unknown at MLC and WLC but now lots of kids read him because of his "expose" of MLC joke videos. Some of Kt's friends wrote an editorial for the WLC paper mentioning Greg and he highlighted that as well.

There are also a number of WELS discussion groups on Facebook that involve Greg either discussing him or where he comments on them. So he gets plenty of attention and it validates his existence.

The Niedfeldts are just doing their share keeping Greg busy. Kt is well-versed in Ichabod and may have mentioned him in a religion paper she wrote. My brother also belongs to the ELS trophy church for "CG" mentioned on Ichabod often. Actually my oldest brother's church also has been mentioned there. Wherever we go...we'll keep Greg writing and people reading.

Anonymous said...

wait, so you criticize Jackson for a being hateful and spiteful, but then use his "rationale and justifications" as excuse to do exactly what he does? You are a hypocrite and I hope you repent.
If you want people to start paying attention to your blog you should consider NOT making it like a propaganda machine:publish views opposed to your own.
oh wait, that's right,

you'd get schooled.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

"wait, so you criticize Jackson for a being hateful and spiteful, but then use his "rationale and justifications" as excuse to do exactly what he does?"


"You are a hypocrite and I hope you repent."

I'm not really a hypocrite. A hypocrite would deny that they are two-faced. This denial could be to just the public and perhaps even to themselves. However, I'll tell you up front what I am doing AND I'll tell you that I do it because it amuses me and I think Greg deserves it. Does that make me an ass? Yes. However, if there is sin here to repent of, then it is even steven between Greg and I. If Greg has no sin and is justified in his actions, then so am I. Since as Greg states its all satire and we need to have a sense of humor, I know he doesn't mind this kind of thing. If he thinks I am sinning, he can call me out on it. Otherwise we'll just call it satire and all is well.

"If you want people to start paying attention to your blog .."

I don't care who views my blog. It is mainly for family and friends and consists of maybe 5-7 known readers. It's more of a Christmas newsletter all year round. I'm not a writer nor claim to be. I do whatever the hell I feel like. The only reason other people come here...well I have no clue what they are expecting...but other readers come here only because Greg directs them here. He has built up this huge aura around me which of course is the source of my amusement. I have no influence. No readers. No followers. I'm not connected to hardly anyone in the synod who is influential or even spoken about by Greg. Yet I get lots of face time because I am critical of Greg. Its this disparity between what Greg has built me into and who I actually am that I can only wait for the next great installment.

"..you should consider NOT making it like a propaganda machine:publish views opposed to your own.
oh wait, that's right,

you'd get schooled."

I publish anyone's comments. Submit opposing views all day long and I will publish them. I will even make this special offer. submit something you would like to publish and I will be happy to make a blog entry on the front page with it. School away..debate is a drug and I love it. I don't think your audience will be as large as you want but it's a start. I would truly welcome some opposing viewpoints..I'll be waiting.