Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend 11/2/2008

It was a busy little weekend. Ike had off all last week and Kt has off last Thursday and Friday as well as Monday. Kt left on Thursday after lunching with a Dr. friend from NML who was kindly sharing advice for medical school and such. She went to Madison to stay with her grandparents and get a haircut, pester her Grandfather, eat good food, etc.. On saturday she headed up to Wisconsin Rapids for the State Cross Country meet. Wisco girls took 5th. Not as good as last year but still a great finish. After the meet she followed the team down to the WI Dells to stay at the Wilderness and squeal I imagine. She finally got back home a few hours ago after snagging another good meal off Gpa and gma on the way back through Madison. She traveled almost 300 miles without smashing the car or anything.

Ike had friends over Friday night. Good lord were they loud for just 3 other guys. they really are a diverse group of odd ducks. All very different yet they all hang out together.

Saturday Karen went on an outing with her Mom, Sister-in-law, and Aunt to Ten Chimneys. Its an old estate that was home to some ancient actors/directors. Then they went out for dinner. Ike and I went to the Wisco game where in a reformation spirit we kicked Catholic Memorial's butt. Ike went off to hang out with girls and I'm not sure he saw much of the game. It was good though. They will play Greendale this next weekend at Greendale. Rematch of last year. After the game I took Ike to work. Of course that still sounds very strange but so far it works out well. About 10 hours only on Saturdays and Sundays. The clientele can sometimes be "interesting" and he is definitely learning those important customer service skills.

Today was church, podcast preparation, and homework day. I turned in all my homework for week one. As cynical as I am, it was actually interesting.

Well this week Ike is back at school and its back to the routine. Next week his Basketball team starts.

Got a letter from Zach. He is doing a lot better. He still focuses on food and what he would like to eat and rating all the food he does get. He cracks me up. He feels he is doing well. He thinks he can achieve the sharpshooter designation. Well if he made it, it already happened on Friday. We just won't get a letter until the middle of the week if we're lucky to tell us the results. His platoon is doing well too which is good but he noted that they get a lot of scrutiny because of it. Well it only makes him stronger.

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