Friday, November 28, 2008

video of Z at picture day

This video was put up of Z's platoon. His platoon took Honor Platoon, which means they scored the most out of all the various testing, drill and physical fitness competitions. Very cool. Zach is 2nd from the left in the 2nd row from the top. This video was taken actually about 6 weeks ago but it only goes up the friday of week 10. He should look even meaner by now. His best friend ricky is 6th from the right in the 3rd row. His other good friend Steve is in the top row 5th from the right.

got a call from Z on tuesday and Wednesday. He sounded pretty much the same except for a scratchy voice from constantly yelling. he was sucking on a cough drop as it seems everyone does there. All we did was talk travel arrangements as we only got 4 minutes each call.

Getting excited for the trip. Z starts the crucible on Monday. Thats all for now.

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