Monday, November 17, 2008

A Week of Ups and Downs

Probably the biggest downer was that Wisco lost its semi-final game to Reedsberg. Our defense needed to be on their game from play one and they took awhile to warm up. before things got under control again we were down 3 touchdowns. Also too many mistakes and turnovers. Oh well...12 and 1 is still a good record and hey...its better than the packers. Well the packers won. Thats a good thing. The badgers won...thats a good thing.

Oh I was a touch peaved that Ike miscalculated when he worked Saturday and it turned out I had to leave the game early to get him to work on time. grrr.

Friday night while our children were working, Karen and I went to a Casino Night function for her division. Together we won $5200 starting with $500 each. Not a bad haul. If only the cash were real. I have to admit it was a LOT of fun. Although I don't think I have ever drunk 3 vodka gimlets in the course of 3 hours and not been able to notice such a thing, that was certainly the case Friday. Perhaps since the money wasn't real for the gambling the real money I paid for the drinks was used for fake vodka.

So we have nearly conquered the fruit fly problem with an idea from a website submitted by one of the 3 readers of this blog. I put a mashed up banana in a pan in the oven. Let it sit for awhile and eventually a whole lot of fruit flies gravitate to it. Then I close the door and pre heat for a bit. I usually get 2-3 heats per banana pile. I also went and cleaned everything really well with cleaner and bleach etc.. even behind the stove. So for now our house is clean and sterile smelling as well as has 80-85% of the fruit flies gone. I want them entirely gone before we head out to San Diego.

So after a bit of a break there we finally got a letter from Zach. I had been awaiting his Rifle qualification scores as that is a pretty big event in MC Boot Camp. Last week he was a snot and wouldn't tell us his score until it was final but told us his friend's preliminary scores. Well he told us that he qualified as "expert" which is the top ranking. It goes marksman, Sharpshooter, and expert. So that was pretty cool.

He sounds a lot more pumped and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He also sounds proud of his accomplishments so far. He also wanted to hear more/go into more detail on some of the things they did during field training. He said that it really was "basic" training. I guess thats part of it...being trained to know you don't know enough. He wants "The Crucible" to arrive so he can tackle that. That is like a 54 hour "final exam" where they get 4 hours of sleep and like 2 rations of food. They hike about 40 miles throughout the course of it and hit 35 stations where they have to accomplish various tasks whether it be in combat skills, teamwork skills, physical endurance ability, obstacle courses, climbing towers, crawling in mud and all that great stuff. While they are doing these things they blast mortar fire and shouting and sirens over speakers and any other thing to make it stressful. for me that would be Whitney Houston. So the combination of physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, food deprivation and stressers make it quite the ordeal. Two weeks from tonight he will begin that. When he completes it he becomes a "Marine" Up through then he is a recruit. From that point forward all they do is prepare to move on and get ready for the details of graduation.

That also means 3 weeks from now we will be in San Diego for his graduation. I'm pretty excited and proud. This is the first committment that Zach has tackled and will succeed at. I can't think of a better time to start succeeding although I would have settled for at least a little in High school...

Katie managed to get rid of two boyfriends this week. This is excellent. The first was Chris who she broke up with awhile ago but he is like bi-polar and goes from a suicidal person and desperately pleading for Kt to take him back and being sooo sorry to being a nasty bitter person bent on humiliating Kt. This is usually not a good way to get your girlfriend back however. It took Kt awhile to finally just say "go away" once and for all but she finally did. He flipped a little and was going to do whatever he could to embarass her because she wouldn't take him back. He started his little campaign but stopped a little bit later I think because all the people he tried to bad-mouth kt too either didn't care, already knew her dirty laundry, think he is insane or all of the above. If you read his rants you can see that he lacks stability. Of course it was the election that set him off and his newly found liberal radicalism already learned in two months at UW in the Poli Sci program. as an example...calling the girl you hope to get back as your girlfriend a "racist republican nazi..." is generally regarded as the improper way to woo her back.

The other "boyfriend" was Dexter. he was the boyfriend who was before Chris last spring. After a lil bit he sorta disappeared and faded away and thats when Kt moved on to Chris. However when Kt broke up with Chris she started talking to dexter who came by for a few visits but his resolve was soon broken and he disappeared again (he's the type who in the Navy they'd say he had a girl in every port...each one special in their own way...whenever he might show up). So its not like she really lost anything but at least those two are history...hopefully. Kt does take awhile to take a hint...but who wants to admit you picked two losers in a row. They start out charming but soon change. I'd say that I'd worry about Kt becoming bitter but she is already talking to new boys. She is really looking hard for some guys with integrity though. 7th to 10th times a charm.

I think that covers the week well enough.

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