Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Credo Quia Absurdum

This is a phrase I saw in an email today. I believe it because it is absurd. This was used to describe why liberals love Obama. However I think I'm going to borrow it for a description of the Confessional Crusaders when they come up with all their crazy examples of apostacy.

There probably are lots of examples where we actually live by this.

"Credo Quia Absurdum"


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim:
I stumbled across your blog actually by accident. I appreciate the fact that you have taken this opportunity to counteract what's happening on Bailing Water. Bailing Water is an embarassment to confessional Lutheranism. Besides the BLATANT daily breaking of the Eighth Commandment, Bailing Water allows lovelessness, name-calling and just plain nastiness as a substitute for true Lutheran confessionalism. I'm personally no fan of contemporary worship music, but as a pastor I encourage contemporary worship songs when the lyrics are biblical and Christ-centered. My personal tastes do not give me license to trash all contemporary music as "Church Growth." I hope you have many more thoughtful and balanced blog articles that counteract the irrational as well as unchristian behavior over at Bailing Water and some of the other WELS-hating blogs.

Tim Niedfeldt said...

Thank you for the support. I am working out an outline for a series of personal articles to explore some things in depth. I think you will find that I don't have a lot of answers but simply will always try to view a much wider picture and try to set the scope of an issue. I can be a prick at times I know. I have been known to toy with people who get so serious about things and push their buttons (Just ask my daughter) But I also just want people to get to the basis of why they believe what they believe.

It does seem that most of these confessional "issues" are supported by hearsay and suffers a lot from taking things out of context. However isn't that really all blogs can do? An incident here and incident there. Incidents that might require some brotherly review, reproach or encouragement. Yet they become poster children for a cause.

I equate this to basically the "AM Radio Mentality" to quote a former friend. Basically if you shape your view around the hearsay of an AM radio commentator you probably will end up a paranoid conspiracy mongerer and will recount these selected stories to all you know to back up your already present fears and ideas.

So based on AM radio either hispanics are taking all our jobs and are taking over the country and it will ruin the US or perhaps there is another reality out there. Based on what I see living in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood are homeowners, business owners, hard working parents getting their kids into college, people working multiple jobs that I couldn't get my spoiled children to accept. They celebrate family, stick together, etc.. so I have no answers on that topic except to examine it very thoroughly. There just might be more to consider.

On the topic of confessionalism... well either the WELS is dead, the CG borg has nearly wiped out confessionalism, and we are heading to the ELCA at lightspeed blah blah crisis blah

or....perhaps 99% of the WELS goes about its way in a conservative, liturgical manner preaching the Law and Gospel in Word and sacrament as they have for years. The WELS has about 5 "contemporary" poster children out there as all contemporary churches (I include Victory in the List even though it is relatively unknown yet because we only have a 100 members but on the other hand it does represent 1300% growth in a year and a half...ooo i guess that makes us Church Growth ;-) ). They do not garner widespread support in the WELS and pretty much operate as islands. Being a member of a church like this you will never be able to accuse the WELS of embracing the contemporary concept.

Yet being involved with two synodical bad boys (we're at Victory for church but we also attend St. Marcus' contemporary service and my youngest goes to school there)I know that the confessional Lutheranism is being professed at both.

Okay this just turned into a blog posting. I will probably uses this as the basis of a blog posting now.