Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I met an interesting fellow at church on Sunday. He has visited our church before I believe. He is from St. Jacobi's and has 4 kids. From what I picked up on overheard conversation he is an airline pilot or something similar to that.

I mostly noted that he was very well read, had lots of integrity, and was interesting to talk to. I noted that Ike was from the Philippines and he was able to teach Ike some basic Tagalog. Well of course he knew Tagalog. We also had a good discussion about "White fright, White Flight." I gave him a ride to the new Target store by church which is close to his house as his family had seen to taking off from church and hadn't returned yet.

It sounds as if he is often flying on Sundays, but I hope he returns to Victory. I'm pretty sure I'd like to get to know him better.

I also talked to another gentleman at church. He came to visit our church after getting an invitation in the mail. He had happened to visit a friend close to the Lion's Legend Park and the friend said he should come down to the park and hear the music and eat some food. We followed up with the man with an invitation and he actually came to a service. I was impressed. I think that must be hard to do. Especially alone like that.

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