Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Analogy Without An Application

I'm trying to find an analogy for my BMW and ?????. It seems so ripe for the taking. Maybe a Pastor could use it for a sermon.

My 16 year old 525i gets quirkier every day. It has 250,000 miles on it and it has never needed an engine servicing other than oil changes. Score another great thing out of Germany. Everyday it starts and gets me to my destinations yet the ride is filled with adventure more and more. Here is the list of items requiring attention.
  • The wiper motor turns on randomly
  • The windshield washer squirts randomly until it is drained or feels like stopping
  • The wiper blades are not connected to the wiper motor anymore
  • There is a new vibration in the stick shift
  • The wheels shimmy between 62 and 70
  • The radio is gone
  • The blowers blow furiously yet only a trickle of air comes out.
  • you only get heat if it is over 32 degrees outside
  • the light in the trunk doesn't go off so it drains the battery by morning if I actually kept a bulb in it.
  • The power steering is leaking at the rate of one quart a week.
  • The relay for the power windows and sunroof needs replacing because the windows don't open
  • No more AC

I was thinking maybe its time to have the BMW just become an organ donor and move on.

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CLJ711 said...

We should all be like your BMW. Faithful, reliable and used for its purpose, the only thing we need is a driver and a full tank. We could be a brand new beautiful Mercedes sitting on the show room floor, but with no driver and no gas, we are nothing but a show piece.